Housed at the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario, the Canadian arm of NBS works with businesses, industry councils, and academics to identify and research the top business sustainability challenges across the country.

Leadership Council

Each year, NBS Canada's Leadership Council - an exclusive group of non-competing Canadian organizations - meets to determine the top sustainability challenges and research opportunities that are facing Canadian business. This annual list determines NBS Canada's research priorities each year.

SME Council

NBS Canada also has an SME Council run by our Montreal office. The council is a unique initiative by which industry, government and public sector leaders determine research and action priorities for small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs). The SME Council mobilizes this research to meet SME needs.

Industry Association Council

The Industry Association Council (IAC) is a collaboration initiated by NBS to advance the sustainability agenda in Canada. The council is a group of committed leaders dedicated to supporting the sustainable business practices of their members.

About NBS Regional Affiliates

NBS believes that sourcing local knowledge and sharing it worldwide will help create innovative and sustainable models. NBS regional affiliates are groups of researchers and practitioners that convene under the NBS mission to enable sustainable business through collaboration between research and practice. They are managed independently but meet the same standards of rigorous content and good governance for which NBS is known. As NBS expands globally, regional affiliates will fulfill a critical role helping convene and co-create knowledge within a variety of local languages and contexts.

To inquire about NBS global affiliates, please contact NBS Managing Director, Jane Sadler Richards.