The Industry Association Council (IAC) is a collaboration initiated by NBS Canada to advance the sustainability agenda in Canada.

What is the IAC?

The IAC is a group of committed leaders dedicated to supporting the sustainable business practices of their members. NBS Canada is creating a space for industry associations to work together on challenging sustainability issues. The purpose of the IAC is to:

1. Identify the important sustainability challenges of association members
2. Address members’ sustainability challenges with best practice, knowledge and education
3. Identify areas of collective interest that warrant further research or future actions

IAC Mission

The IAC believes that industry plays an important role in sustainability. Each association is committed to advancing the sustainability performance of its members.


The IAC collaborated on the development of tools and resources to support the sustainability needs of their members. Please use these resources in advancing sustainability in your own organization.


With Support from Industry Canada

Who is Eligible to Join the Industry Association Council?

Industry association council participants are senior leaders of industry associations. Council membership is by invitation and members agree to work collaboratively in support of the council purpose.

For more information:

Contact Brook Coatsworth