The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) expands its global reach – this time to the South American continent.

As Chile’s economy progresses, the need to address pressing sustainability issues becomes greater. NBS: Chile will work towards address these sustainability challenges to build considerable business and academic resources in the region.

NBS: Chile is housed at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI)’s Centre for Business Sustainability.

NBS: Chile’s Leadership Council will convene Chilean business leaders across key sectors annually to identify their sustainability challenges as an input to research. Their first meeting took place in September 2014.

About NBS Regional Affiliates

NBS believes that sourcing local knowledge and sharing it worldwide will help create innovative and sustainable models. NBS regional affiliates are groups of researchers and practitioners that convene under the NBS mission to enable sustainable business through collaboration between research and practice. They are managed independently but meet the same standards of rigorous content and good governance for which NBS is known. As NBS expands globally, regional affiliates will fulfill a critical role helping convene and co-create knowledge within a variety of local languages and contexts.

For more information on NBS: Chile, please contact:


 José Luis Opazo

Academic Director, NBS Chile

As Academic Director for NBS Chile, José facilitates discussions of the Leadership Council and ensures the academic integrity of NBS: Chile publications.

José is a professor and researcher at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI). His research is cross-disciplinary and focuses on understanding the emergence of radical innovations for sustainability. He has researched the promotion and development of renewable energy in developing countries. He’s been particularly focused on studying access to energy in rural Chile, but also has experience in other areas of Latin America, Europe and West Africa.

José is the Director of the Centre for Business Sustainability at UAI and a member of the Sussex Energy Group of the University of Sussex, UK. He has founded and directed many applied sustainability projects and consulted on energy policy issues. Before joining UAI, José worked at The Climate Group (London, UK), the United Nations Development Programme and Poch Group.


Pablo Rodrigo

Research Director, NBS ChileRodrigo photo.jpg

Pablo oversees the execution of NBS Chile’s research projects. He also develops a research agenda to position NBS Chile as a leading point of reference for research-based knowledge on sustainable business in Latin America

Pablo is an Associate Professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI). His research focuses on understanding (1) business strategies for sustainable development, (2) corporate social responsibility as a factor for organizational change and development, and (3) business ethics from an intergenerational perspective. He’s particularly interested in how newly implemented sustainability strategies affect the structure, processes and routines of an organization, and the individuals working in organizations.

Pablo has both academic accolades and extensive private sector work experience. Working for 5 years in private sector finance, Pablo has held senior positions for companies such as Shell Chile and SAAM SA. In 2000, he received the "Distinguished Engineers Association of Chile" award for outstanding academic performance in commercial engineering. In 2009, Pablo was recognized with the "Extraordinary Doctoral Award" for his doctoral thesis.