NBS is extending its activities to South Africa by establishing its first regional affiliate, NBS: South Africa (NBS: SA). NBS: SA is a collaborative partnership between the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) at the University of Pretoria (Johannesburg) and the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at the University of Cape Town.

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NBS: SA will address business sustainability issues within the South African context to better use and build the considerable business and academic resources in the region. The initial focus will be on South Africa, though an expansion of scope to the southern African region will be considered in due course.

NBS: SA aims to become a regional hub of academics and practitioners focused on building more sustainable business models. The priority for 2013 involves establishing a South African Leadership Council comprised of business leaders across sectors that will identify their priority issues annually as an input to research and act as a source of funding for the hub.

NBS South Africa is generously supported by funding from the following organisations:

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About NBS Regional Affiliates

NBS believes that sourcing local knowledge and sharing it worldwide will help create innovative and sustainable models.

NBS regional affiliates are groups of researchers and practitioners that convene under the NBS mission to enable sustainable business through collaboration between research and practice. They are managed independently but meet the same standards of rigorous content and good governance for which NBS is known. As NBS expands globally, regional affiliates will fulfill a critical role helping convene and co-create knowledge within a variety of local languages and contexts.

To inquire about NBS global affiliates, please contact NBS Managing Director, Jane Sadler Richards.

For more information on NBS: SA, please contact:

Ralph Hamann

RalphAcademic Director, NBS: South Africa

Associate Professor & Research Director, Graduate School of Business

Ralph Hamann is research director and associate professor at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (UCT). His research is on organisational and governance responses to complex social and environmental problems, including climate change, food security, and mining company-community relations. He is also an extraordinary associate professor at the School of Public Management and Planning, University of Stellenbosch, and an adviser to the Transnet Programme in Sustainable Development at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria. He is founding director of FutureMeasure (a company offering a web-based sustainability performance management system), co-founder and chair of the Southern Africa Food Lab (a multi-stakeholder initiative for food security), and director of the Cape Town Partnership (focused on sustainable urban development). Much of his tertiary training was at UCT and he has a PhD from the University of East Anglia.

Email: rhamann@nbs.net