NBS Team


Tima Bansal Executive Director

As the Executive Director for NBS, Tima sets NBS's organizational vision, serves as the principal investigator on our federal research grants and provides direction regarding strategic objectives.


Stephanie Bertels Director of Collaborative Processes

Stephanie oversees NBS's collaborative processes and leads the Embedding Sustainability Working Group.


Julia Bevacqua Engagement Specialist

Julia assists the NBS innovation research activities by helping collect data and organize information. She also helps develop processes to enable young leaders plan initiatives and events that promote the values and messages of NBS.


Maya Fischhoff Knowledge Manager

As the Knowledge Manager for NBS, Maya develops and oversees NBS’s knowledge products (including systematic reviews, executive reports for business leaders, and applied guides and tools).


Paula Gilvesy Engagement Specialist

Paula manages all social media platforms, through which she shares knowledge products, enhances relationships, and promotes the NBS brand. She supports the NBS engagement strategy and content development on varying projects. 


Sylvia Grewatsch Postdoctoral Fellow

Sylvia is part of the NBS innovation research team that explores and analyzes innovation processes at Canadian organizations. The aim of this project is to establish innovation processes for sustainability and for shared value creation.


Tara Hadler Project Manager, Collaborative Processes

Tara oversees website and tool development for partner projects including the Embedding Project and Make the Case for Business Sustainability. She is heavily involved in content development, such as guidebooks and workshops, and is committed to improving the user experience for the NBS community.


Ralph Hamann Academic Director, NBS South Africa

As Academic Director, Ralph facilitates discussions of the Leadership Council and ensures the academic integrity of publications for NBS South Africa.


Chelsea Hicks-Webster Team Coordinator

Chelsea coordinates the activities of NBS’s Anglophone office in London, Canada. She works closely with Executive Director, Tima Bansal, and NBS team members to ensure all staff have resources needed to make their own projects a success. Because she is familiar with most aspects of NBS operations, Chelsea is also well-positioned to help team members find meaningful collaboration opportunities both internally and externally.

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Nuraan Isaacs Coordinator, NBS South Africa

As NBS South Africa (NBS SA) Coordinator, Nuraan facilitates communication between NBS-SA and its global partners. She also co-ordinates all NBS-SA events, monitors the budget, assists with HR matters and provides administrative support.


Steven Lacey Financial Operations and Public Funding Coordinator

As the Financial Operations and Public Funding Coordinator, Steven provides accounting, quantitative analysis and administration to support operations.


Pam Laughland Director, Strategic Partnerships

Pam oversees engagement with NBS's public and private sector partners. She helps organizations ‘find their fit’, be it as a partner in an existing project or as a collaborator in a new venture. Pam knows the Network’s body of work and competencies, and has presented to audiences around the world about what we do and what we’ve learned.


Carole Leblond Manager, Montreal Office (REDD)

Carole manages the daily activities of NBS’s Montreal Office, Réseau entreprise et développement durable (REDD). She develops and oversees French language knowledge and develops dissemination strategies for managers and researchers. Working closely with the Director of the Montreal office, Marie-France Turcotte, she carries out the strategic goals and oversees a dynamic team of professionals and students.

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José Luis Opazo Academic Director, NBS Chile

As Academic Director for NBS Chile, José facilitates Leadership Council discussions and ensures the academic integrity of NBS Chile publications.


Garima Sharma Knowledge Project Manager

Garima manages NBS knowledge projects, such as "Collaborating with Competitors for Sustainability." She oversees selection of the research team, research design, creation of research-based tools for practitioners.


Marie-France Turcotte Director, Montreal Office

Marie-France Turcotte is the Director of NBS's Montreal office and oversees all its activities. She is also a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), department of strategy, social and environmental responsibility.


Tal Yifat Postdoctoral Fellow

Tal works at the intersection of innovation, collaboration and sustainability. He leads a study of the ways Research & Development organizations effectively incorporate clients in innovation processes. He also writes about emerging possibilities for using big data to advance sustainability.