What is NBS?

A global network of people and organizations committed to advancing sustainable business practice.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses contribute to prosperous economies, healthy ecosystems, and strong communities.

Our Mission

NBS enables business sustainability by fostering collaboration and co-creating knowledge through research and practice.

Our Principles

All NBS affiliates subscribe to the following principles:

  • Business-Focused: Organizations and decision-makers within business are NBS’s primary target audience. Our academic foundation informs our activities and provides valuable perspective on business challenges. It enables us to deliver best practices specific to sustainability.
  • Rigorous Knowledge: All NBS activities are grounded in rigorous analysis and evidence.
  • Empower Positive Impact: NBS activities are designed to empower business to practice sustainability.
  • Objective and Non-Partisan: NBS does not advocate for any political position or policy outcome.
  • Networked Approach: NBS connects businesses and researchers. NBS seeks to break down the silos within and among the academic, industry, and government sectors by encouraging collaboration.
  • Public-Private Model: NBS recognizes the importance of public and private interests to sustainability. Each NBS project offers public outputs or benefits.

Read our Strategic Plan (2009-2015) - short or full Version (both PDF).