NBS Corporate Friends value sustainable business practices informed by research. Membership signals commitment to sustainability. It funds research-based insights and thought leadership towards the creation of new business models for the 21st century.

Why be a Corporate Friend?

Be recognized for your commitment to sustainability. Your logo and a link to your company’s website will be profiled on the NBS Corporate Friends landing page. Being listed as an NBS Corporate Friend profiles your organization’s sustainability commitment. It positions your company within a group of business peers who believe in better business practice through sustainability and research-based decision-making.

Access the academic experts. NBS provides a window to more than 1,000 leading researchers and 50 leading academic sustainability research centres around the world.

Benefits for Corporate Friends

  • Meet researchers during Corporate Friends-only events
  • Participate in industry/research roundtables on key sustainability topics
  • Gain access to international sustainability professionals
  • Pose requests, questions and projects to the research community

Our Corporate Friends

NBS thanks and acknowledges these sustainable organizations. Each is committed to more sustainable business decision-making.

  • aia
  • bc
  • CEA
  • CEPA
  • CP
  • CAPP
  • Cement Association
  • cerse
  • Chemistry
  • Crawford
  • Encana
  • Enerkem_logo
  • FCPC
  • GGI
  • Holcim
  • Home Depot
  • Hotel Association
  • chateau-laurier
  • Logo_Insertech_vert_web
  • loyaltyone
  • Neuvaction
  • Produits-Nepture
  • Provision Coalition
  • SCMP
  • RetailCC
  • Target
  • TD
  • Teck
  • tembec
  • pembina
  • tim hortons
  • unilever
  • Virgina-mines
  • westport-logo
  • WWF