From Novelty to Norm: Dr. Stephanie Bertels at Sustainable Brands 2014


Take a long, hard look at sustainability in your organization. Is it a novelty championed by a few hippies? Is it a norm that manifests itself at each and every managerial level? Maybe it’s only in the heads, hearts, and minds of a few employees surfing the web to figure out how to install Nest at home.

Companies both locally and internationally demonstrate varying levels of commitment to sustainability. Many wrestle with how to embed sustainability and align it with core business strategy.

Dr. Stephanie Bertels, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University, has convened the Embedding Sustainability Work Group (ESWG) to identify which business practices are critical to embedding sustainability — and where companies should focus their sustainability efforts.

Stemming from NBS research on organizational culture, the ESWG research will:

  • Facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) learning for the business involved,
  • Produce a tool to quantify the extent to which sustainability is embedded into organizational practices, and
  • Produce practitioner guidebooks to further embed sustainability within organizations.

Twelve companies are committed to the three-year project to inventory and compare efforts to embed sustainability in their organizations.

NBS is delighted to have Dr. Stephanie Bertels present results and insights for the Organizational Development & Intrapreneurship track at Sustainable Brands 2014. Sustainable Brands, a leading sustainability conference in its seventh year of operation, will convene business leaders and sustainability experts from June 2 to June 5 at its flagship conference in San Diego.

Bertels will tackle subjects such as employee engagement, critical to embedding sustainability in any organization. Along with author Andy Savitz, Jeff Mendelsohn of New Leaf Paper and Esther Speck, former VP Sustainability at Mountain Equipment Coop, Bertels will get technical on what it takes to embed sustainability in any organization.

Learn more about the Sustainable Brands event and the ESWG.