Help Us Help You (Bridge Research and Practice)


You want your research to impact practice: the way managers and other practitioners think and act.

Impact can be seen as a translation problem. Findings need to be translated into language managers can understand, and disseminated effectively.

But translation only goes so far in creating real change in organizations.

What if we reframe impact as a knowledge production problem?[1] Then, the focus shifts from how researchers provide managers with the right answer to how we integrate academic and practitioner knowledge for unique insights.

NBS wants to help researchers co-create sustainability knowledge with practitioners.  We want to build resources that offer insights to researchers on key questions such as:

  • How do I do collaborative research (e.g., engaged scholarship, insider-outsider research) and how do I do it well?
  • How do I publish such research in top journals?
  • How do I manage my researcher identity in academic circles that may not value such collaborative work?

We also want to build a community of researchers who share their experiences and offer insights to each other. In that spirit, we ask: what kind of resources will help you take this challenging yet rewarding journey?

Stay tuned for future Researcher Updates on these topics. Also, join us as a contributor to the resources we are developing. Please share your interest via the survey or by emailing Garima Sharma.


Additional Resources

[1] Van de Ven, A. H., & Johnson, P. E. 2006. Knowledge for theory and practice. Academy of Management Review, 31(4): 802–821.