Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are uniquely situated at the interface between the external environment and the internal hierarchy of their companies. New research & tools provide insight into CEO decision-making for sustainability.


Executive GuideCEO's Unique Perspective (graphic)

Download the full executive guide on the CEO's perspective on sustainability and the role of change agents. It includes:

  • Factors shaping CEO thinking on sustainability
  • Three key barriers preventing CEOs from prioritizing sustainability
  • Qualities of influential change agents (as told by CEOs)
  • Strategies and tactics to help change agents support and influence their CEOs to incorporate sustainability

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Main Report

This report comprehensively covers research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Bertels, Jess Schulschenk,  Andrea Ferry, Vanessa Otto-Mentz, and Esther Speck. It enables the C-Suite to gain perspective on sustainability by learning from peers and provides change agents with deep insights into top-level decision-making.

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Supporting Tools

Being an Effective Change Agent

This toolset includes a guide and personal inventory to bolster change agent readiness and effectiveness. The toolset also allows change agents to reflect on and plan their personal development.

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Supporting Your CEO

This toolset includes a guide and tactical inventory to help change agents catalyze better decision-making around sustainability. The tools help change agents identify and develop tactics most appropriate for their setting.

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Get an overview of what helps shift CEO decision-making around sustainability and how corporate change agents can support this process. Review the primer highlighting key insights from the research.

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