The Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) is committed to protecting your personal right to privacy. This document describes elements of our Information Privacy Policy as it applies to NBS' public website with respect to the collection, use and dissemination of information. This includes:

  1. What information does NBS collect when I visit the public website?
  2. How is the collected information used, stored, and shared?
  3. Moderation of content on NBS' website.
  4. Links to third-party websites.
  5. Changes to this Privacy Statement.

1. What information does NBS collect when I visit the NBS website?

NBS automatically collects information about your visit to our public website. This includes your language preference, Internet IP address, web browser, operating system and page viewed. The NBS website sometimes solicits and collects personal information from you in connection with NBS activities, through web forms that you complete and submit on a voluntary basis.

2. How is the collected information used, stored, and shared?

Information about your visit to NBS' website is summarized to produce visit statistics for the NBS website. This information is also used to improve the layout of information on the website and increase its ease of use. NBS will use monthly and annual visits statistics in publications and for other purposes. Your personal information is not tied to the statistics and your personal usage statistics will not be made public. Visit statistics are made available to the Managing and Executive Directors of NBS. Steps have been taken to ensure the privacy and protection of personal information that is collected/stored on our website/server. These steps include: ' your personal information will not be provided to other corporations or individuals, except as required by law or as evidence of illegal use of the NBS website.' personal information is collected using secure certificates to protect your data. ' collected information is stored on a security-hardened server. By providing NBS any information on a web form, you consent to the collection, storage and use of the information provided, to the extent and for the purposes outlined on the web form.

3. Moderation of content on the NBS website.

The NBS website contains unmoderated content. As a general rule, this means that content appearing in some areas of the NBS website is not verified for accuracy, edited or approved by NBS staff members or volunteers before appearing on the website. Thus NBS does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of such unmoderated content or for any other matter related to it. You are directed to NBS' Terms of Use as located on its website.

4. Links to third-party websites.

NBS' website contains links to third-party websites. NBS does not moderate these third-party websites or links to them from the NBS website. Privacy Policies at these third-party websites may differ from NBS'. NBS does not assume responsibility for the protection of privacy, accuracy of content or any other matter with respect to these third-party websites or links to them.

5. This privacy statement may be updated at any time.

If you have a question or concern regarding this privacy statement, please contact us at