Research Impact on Practice Award


The Research Impact on Practice Award recognizes contemporary, peer-reviewed research that has important implications for practice. The research may focus on any dimension of social or environmental sustainability.

The Network for Business Sustainability co-sponsors the award with the Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management.

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Submissions are due annually on April 30.

Winners receive a cash award and trophy and have their work promoted widely through NBS.

Award History

2016 Award

Award winner: Ray Paquin, Timo Busch, T., & Suzanne Tilleman. 2015. Creating Economic and Environmental Value through Industrial Symbiosis. Long Range Planning, 48(2): 95-107.

Ray and co-authors analyzed a unique national-level industrial symbiosis dataset. They identified ways that industrial symbiosis can create environmental competitive advantage for firms. They also identified the value of industrial symbiosis for policy makers seeking low-carbon industrial development.

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Honorable mention: Caroline Flammer. 2015. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Lead to Superior Financial Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach.  Management Science, 61(11), 2549-2568.

Studying CSR-related shareholder proposals, Caroline establishes a causal effect of CSR on performance and informs companies and shareholders as to which types of CSR proposals are most likely to create value.

Find out more: Putting Hard Numbers behind CSR (NBS Newsletter)

2015 Award

Winner: Omar Asensio and Magali Delmas

2014 Award

Media Release

Winner:  Lamar Pierce and Michael Toffel, who studied the key qualities of trustworthy auditors.


Elke Schüssler, Charles-Clemens Rüling and Bettina Wittneben, who studied how to advance climate negotiations.

Joern Hoppmann, Michael Peters, Malte Schneider and Volker H. Hoffmann, who studied effective renewable energy policies.

2013 Award

Media Release

Profile of winner: Environmental Performance Boosts Employee Productivity (Magali Delmas & Sanja Pekovic)

Profile of runner-up: How to Find Common Language on Climate Change (Lianne Lefsrud & Renate Meyer)

Profile of runner up: How to Design Eco-Labels to Influence Consumers (Stefanie Hille & Rolf Wuestenhagen)