Academy of Management Journal

Feb 2011

The Necessity of Others is the Mother of Invention: Intrinsic and Prosocial Motivations, Perspective-Taking, and Creativity Adam M. Grant, James Berr
When the Social Structure Overshadows Competitive Incentives: The Effects of Network Embeddedness on Joint Venture Dissolution Francisco Polidoro, Jr., Gautam Ahuja, William G Mitchell
When the Social Structure Overshadows Competitive Incentives: The Effects of Network Embeddedness on Joint Venture Dissolution Francisco Polidoro, Jr., Gautam Ahuja, William G Mitchell

Academy of Management Perspectives

Academy of Management Review

Jan 2011

SRF - Organizations: Building Sustainable Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Commercial Microfinance Organizations Julie Battilana, Silvia Dorado
SRF - Organizations: Discourse, Field-Configuring Events, and Change in Organizations and Institutional Fields: Narratives of DDT and the Stockholm Convention Cynthia Hardy, Steve Maguire
SRF - Organizations: The Dangers of Decoupling: The Relationship between Compliance Programs, Legitimacy Perceptions, and Institutionalized Misconduct Tammy MacLean, Michael Behnam

Accounting Review

American Economic Review

Jun 2011

Promoting Recycling: Private Values, Social Norms, and Economic Incentives
W. Kip Viscusi, Joel Huber and Jason Bell
The Environmental Consequences of Global Reuse Thomas Kinnaman and Hide-Fumi Yokoo
The Diffusion of Energy Efficiency in Building Nils Kok, Marquise McGraw and John M. Quigley
Do Residential Customers Respond to Hourly Prices? Evidence from a Dynamic Pricing Experiment Frank A. Wolak
Challenges from State-Federal Interactions in US Climate Change Policy Lawrence H. Goulder and Robert N. Stavins
The Role of Trade and Competitiveness Measures in US Climate Policy Carolyn Fischer and Alan K. Fox
Vertical Targeting and Leakage in Carbon Policy James B. Bushnell and Erin T. Mansur
The Effect of Allowing Pollution Offsets with Imperfect Enforcement Hilary Sigman and Howard F. Chang
The Persistence of Treatment Effects with Norm-Based Policy Instruments: Evidence from a Randomized Environmental Policy Experiment Paul J. Ferraro, Juan Jose Miranda and Michael K. Price
Can Tailored Communications Motivate Environmental Volunteers? A Natural Field Experiment Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Lee
Using Artefactual Field Experiments to Learn about the Incentives for Sustainable Forest Use in Developing Economies Maarten Voors, Erwin Bulte, Andreas Kontoleon, John A. List and Ty Turley
Markets and Morality Jagdish Bhagwati
Measuring the Benefits of Greater Spatial Granularity in Short-Term Pricing in Wholesale Electricity Markets Frank A. Wolak
Land and Racial Wealth Inequality Melinda C. Miller
Superfund Cleanups and Infant Health Janet Currie, Michael Greenstone and Enrico Moretti
Environmental Regulation and Labor Reallocation: Evidence from the Clean Air Act W. Reed Walker
Chipping Away at the Glass Ceiling: Gender Spillovers in Corporate Leadership David A. Matsa and Amalia R. Miller

Business and Society

Jun 2011

How Hot Is Your Bottom Line? Linking Carbon and Financial Performance Timo Busch and Volker H. Hoffmann
Green Information Technologies and Systems: Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Practices Tracy A. Jenkin, Lindsay McShane, and Jane Webster
Firm Size Matters: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Size and Ownership on Sustainability-Related Behaviors Peter Jack Gallo and Lisa Jones Christensen
Strategic Responses to Perceived Corruption in an Emerging Market: Lessons From MNEs Investing in China Yadong Luo
Corporate Commitment to Global Quality of Life Issues: Do Slack Resources, Industry Affiliations, and Multinational Headquarters Matter? Christie H. Amato and Louis H. Amato

Mar 2011

Marc Orlitzky, Donald S. Siegel, and David A. Waldman Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability Abstract

Thibault Daudigeos and Bertrand Valiorgue Conditions for Value Creation in the Marketplace Through the Management of CSR Issues: A Negative External Effects Framework Abstract

Jenna P. Stites and Judd H. Michael Organizational Commitment in Manufacturing Employees: Relationships With Corporate Social Performance Abstract

Judith L. Walls, Phillip H. Phan, and Pascual Berrone Measuring Environmental Strategy: Construct Development, Reliability, and Validity Abstract

Magali Delmas, Volker H. Hoffmann, and Matthias Kuss Under the Tip of the Iceberg: Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Strategy, and Competitive Advantage Abstract

Min-Dong Paul Lee and Michael Lounsbury Domesticating Radical Rant and Rage: An Exploration of the Consequences of Environmental Shareholder Resolutions on Corporate Environmental Performance Abstract

Corinne Post, Noushi Rahman, and Emily Rubow Green Governance: Boards of Directors’ Composition and Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Abstract

California Management Review

Extra Articles

May 2011

Sustainable marketing, equity, and economic growth: a resource-advantage, economic freedom approach Shelby D. Hunt
Mindful consumption: a customer-centric approach to sustainability Jagdish N. Sheth, Nirmal K. Sethia and Shanthi Srinivas
Sustainability and consumption
Ming-Hui Huang and Roland T. Rust
The structure of sustainability research in marketing, 1958–2008: a basis for future research opportunities
Brian R. Chabowski, Jeannette A. Mena and Tracy L. Gonzalez-Padron
Market-oriented sustainability: a conceptual framework and propositions
Victoria L. Crittenden, William F. Crittenden, Linda K. Ferrell, O. C. Ferrell and Christopher C. Pinney
Toward a “theoretical toolbox” for sustainability research in marketing Brian L. Connelly, David J. Ketchen and Stanley F. Slater
Sustainability to support end-to-end value chains: the role of supply chain management
David J. Closs, Cheri Speier and Nathan Meacham
How can corporate social responsibility activities create value for stakeholders? A systematic review
John Peloza and Jingzhi Shang
The role of institutional and reputational factors in the voluntary adoption of corporate social responsibility reporting standards Ralitza Nikolaeva and Marta Bicho
Green marketing strategies: an examination of stakeholders and the opportunities they present J. Joseph Cronin, Jeffery S. Smith, Mark R. Gleim, Edward Ramirez and Jennifer Dawn Martinez
How durable is sustainable enterprise? Ecological sustainability meets the reality of tough economic times Sekerka, L.E. & Stimel, D.
Responsible careers: Systemic reflexivity in shifting landscapes Tams, S., and Marshall, J.

Harvard Business Review

Human Resource Management

Feb 2011

The effects of downsizing on labor productivity: The value of showing consideration for employees’ morale and welfare in high-performance work systems (pages 29–44) Roderick D. Iverson and Christopher D. Zatzick
Assessing human resource practices alignment: A case study (pages 45–64) Herbert G. Heneman III and Anthony T. Milanowski
Employee voice and job satisfaction in Australia: The centrality of direct voice (pages 95–111) Peter Holland, Amanda Pyman, Brian K. Cooper and Julian Teicher
The influence of perceived employee voice on organizational commitment: An exchange perspective (pages 113–129) Elaine Farndale, Joppe Van Ruiten, Clare Kelliher and Veronica Hope-Hailey

International Small Business Journal

Journal of Accounting and Economics

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Business Ethics

Dec 2011

Vice or Virtue? The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Executive Compensation Ye Cai, Hoje Jo and Carrie Pan
Government Intervention, Perceived Benefit, and Bribery of Firms in Transitional China Yongqiang Gao
Do Lenders Value Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from China Kangtao Ye and Ran Zhang
Rethinking the Employees’ Perceptions of Corporate Citizenship DimensionalizationArménio Rego, Susana Leal and Miguel Pina e Cunha
Wise Up: Creating Organizational Wisdom Through an Ethic of Kaitiakitanga Chellie Spiller, Edwina Pio, Lijijana Erakovic and Manuka Henare
Social Alliance and Employee Voluntary Activities: A Resource-Based PerspectiveGordon Liu and Wai-Wai Ko
Environmental and Economic Dimensions of Sustainability and Price Effects on Consumer Responses Sungchul Choi and Alex Ng
The Effect of Ownership Structure on Corporate Social Responsibility: Empirical Evidence from Korea Won Yong Oh, Young Kyun Chang and Aleksey Martynov
A Model for Ethical Decision Making in Business: Reasoning, Intuition, and Rational Moral Principles Jaana Woiceshyn
The Influence of Corporate Environmental Ethics on Competitive Advantage: The Mediation Role of Green Innovation Ching-Hsun Chang
To What Extent is Business Responding to Climate Change? Evidence from a Global Wine Producer Jeremy Galbreath
Business Ethics Perceptions of Public and Private Sector Iranians Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Reza Tajaddini and Lisa Y. Chen
“Why Don’t Consumers Care About CSR?”: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Role of CSR in Consumption Decisions Magdalena Öberseder, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch and Verena Gruber
The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Management: An Exploratory Study Yongtao Hong and Margaret L. Andersen
Decision Criteria in Ethical Dilemma Situations: Empirical Examples from Austrian Managers Michael Litschka, Michaela Suske and Roman Brandtweiner
The Impact of Ethical Behavior and Facets of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment of Chinese Employees Weihui Fu, Satish P. Deshpande and Xiao Zhao
A Longitudinal Study of Corporate Social Disclosures in a Developing Economy J. D. Mahadeo, V. Oogarah-Hanuman and T. Soobaroye

Nov 2011

An Empirical Study of Leader Ethical Values, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, and Follower Attitudes Toward Corporate Social Responsibility Kevin S. Groves and Michael A. LaRocca
Public Versus Private Sector Procurement Ethics and Strategy: What Each Sector can Learn from the Other Timothy G. Hawkins, Michael J. Gravier and Edward H. Powley
The Transparent Supply Chain: from Resistance to Implementation at Nike and Levi-Strauss David J. Doorey
The Credit Crisis and the Moral Responsibility of Professionals in Finance Johan J. Graafland and Bert W. van de Ven
Corporate Social Responsibility as an Organizational Attractiveness for Prospective Public Relations Practitioners Soo-Yeon Kim and Hyojung Park
A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global Workforce David A. Ralston, Carolyn P. Egri, Emmanuelle Reynaud, Narasimhan Srinivasan and Olivier Furrer, et al.
When does Ethical Code Enforcement Matter in the Inter-Organizational Context? The Moderating Role of Switching Costs Scott R. Colwell, Michael J. Zyphur and Marshall Schminke
Investigating the Effects of Moral Disengagement and Participation on Unethical Work Behavior Adam Barsky
Between Profit-Seeking and Prosociality: Corporate Social Responsibility as Derridean Supplement Cameron Sabadoz
The Emergence, Variation, and Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Public Sphere, 1980–2004: The Exposure of Firms to Public Debate Sun Young Lee and Craig E. Carroll
The Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance in the Banking Sector Maria-Gaia Soana

Oct 2011

Reviewing the Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: New Evidence and Analysis Philipp Schreck
New Approaches to Evaluating the Performance of Corporate–Community Partnerships: A Case Study from the Minerals Sector Ana Maria Esteves and Mary-Anne Barclay
The Value of Corporate Philanthropy During Times of Crisis: The Sensegiving Effect of Employee Involvement Alan Muller and Roman Kräussl
The Role of Infomediaries: CSR in the Business Press During 2000–2009 Maria Grafström and Karolina Windell
An Epistemic Analysis of (Un)Sustainable Business Frank Birkin and Thomas Polesie
Who Should Control a Corporation? Toward a Contingency Stakeholder Model for Allocating Ownership Rights Alessandro Zattoni
Green and Good? The Investment Performance of US Environmental Mutual Funds Francisco Climent and Pilar Soriano
Corporation and Polis Graham K. Henning
Measuring Investors’ Socially Responsible Preferences in Mutual Funds Iván Barreda-Tarrazona, Juan Carlos Matallín-Sáez and Mª Rosario Balaguer-Franch

Sep 2011

Explicating Ethical Corporate Marketing. Insights from the BP Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe: The Ethical Brand that Exploded and then Imploded John M. T. Balmer, Shaun M. Powell and Stephen A. Greyser
How Sustainability Ratings Might Deter ‘Greenwashing’: A Closer Look at Ethical Corporate Communication Béatrice Parguel, Florence Benoît-Moreau and Fabrice Larceneux
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Benefits of Employee Trust: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective S. Duane Hansen, Benjamin B. Dunford, Alan D. Boss, R. Wayne Boss and Ingo Angermeier
Consumer Perceptions of the Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility Andrea J. S. Stanaland, May O. Lwin and Patrick E. Murphy
Setting Boundaries for Corporate Social Responsibility: Firm–NGO Relationship as Discursive Legitimation Struggle Maria Joutsenvirta
Deonance and Distrust: Motivated Third Party Information Seeking Following Disclosure of an Agent’s Unethical Behavior Chris M. Bell and Kelley J. Main
A Framework for Assessing Immorally Manipulative Marketing Tactics Shlomo Sher
The Sound of Silence – A Space for Morality? The Role of Solitude for Ethical Decision Making Kleio Akrivou, Dimitrios Bourantas, Shenjiang Mo and Evi Papalois
Buy, Lie, or Die: An Investigation of Chinese ST Firms’ Voluntary Interim Audit Motive and Auditor Independence Alex G. H. Chu, Xingqiang Du and Guohua Jiang
The Impact of Ethical Ideologies, Moral Intensity, and Social Context on Sales-Based Ethical Reasoning Sean R. Valentine and Connie R. Bateman
The Collapse of a European Bank in the Financial Crisis: An Analysis from Stakeholder and Ethical Perspectives Yves Fassin and Derrick Gosselin
Critical Events in the Ethics of U.S. Corporation History S. Douglas Beets
Sustainable Supply Chain Management Integration: A Qualitative Analysis of the German Manufacturing Industry Julia Wolf
Drivers of Change: A Multiple-Case Study on the Process of Institutionalization of Corporate Responsibility Among Three Multinational Companies Ulf Henning Richter
Configuration of External Influences: The Combined Effects of Institutions and Stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies Min-Dong Paul Lee
Women Directors on Corporate Boards: From Tokenism to Critical Mass Mariateresa Torchia, Andrea Calabrò and Morten Huse
Stakeholder Salience Revisited: Refining, Redefining, and Refueling an Underdeveloped Conceptual Tool Benjamin A. Neville, Simon J. Bell and Gregory J. Whitwell
Behavioral Economics, Federalism, and the Triumph of Stakeholder TheoryAllen Kaufman and Ernie Englander
Understanding Purchase Intention During Product-Harm Crises: Moderating Effects of Perceived Corporate Ability and Corporate Social Responsibility Chieh-Peng Lin, Shwu-Chuan Chen, Chou-Kang Chiu and Wan-Yu Lee
Australian Socially Responsible Funds: Performance, Risk and Screening Intensity Jacquelyn E. Humphrey and Darren D. Lee
Convergence Versus Divergence of CSR in Developing Countries: An Embedded Multi-Layered Institutional Lens Dima Jamali and Ben Neville
Research into Quality Management and Social Responsibility Juan José Tarí
Perceived Organizational Motives and Consumer Responses to Proactive and Reactive CSR Mark D. Groza, Mya R. Pronschinske and Matthew Walker
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.: An Innovative Voluntary Code of Conduct to Protect Human Rights, Create Employment Opportunities, and Economic Development of the Indigenous People S. Prakash Sethi, David B. Lowry, Emre A. Veral, H. Jack Shapiro and Olga Emelianova
Fluidity of Regulation-CSR Nexus: The Multinational Corporate Corruption Example Onyeka Osuji

Aug 2011

Researches in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review of Shifting Focus, Paradigms, and Methodologies Shallini S. Taneja, Pawan Kumar Taneja and Rajen K. Gupta
Through Thick and Thin: How Fair Trade Consumers Have Reacted to the Global Economic Recession Tierney Bondy and Vishal Talwar
Determinants of the Effectiveness of Corporate Codes of Ethics: An Empirical Study Jang B. Singh
How Leadership and Commitment Influence Bank Employees’ Adoption of their Bank’s Values Elaine Wallace, Leslie de Chernatony and Isabel Buil
What Ethical Leadership Means to Me: Asian, American, and European Perspectives Christian J. Resick, Gillian S. Martin, Mary A. Keating, Marcus W. Dickson and Ho Kwong Kwan, et al.
Signaling Sustainability Leadership: Empirical Evidence of the Value of DJSI Membership Michael Robinson, Anne Kleffner and Stephanie Bertels

Jul 2011

You Support Diversity, But Are You Ethical? Examining the Interactive Effects of Diversity and Ethical Climate Perceptions on Turnover Intentions Robert Stewart, Sabrina D. Volpone, Derek R. Avery and Patrick McKay
Board Effectiveness and Cost of Debt Carmen Lorca, Juan Pedro Sánchez-Ballesta and Emma García-Meca
Bad Apples, Bad Barrels, and Broken Followers? An Empirical Examination of Contextual Influences on Follower Perceptions and Reactions to Aversive Leadership Christian N. Thoroughgood, Samuel T. Hunter and Katina B. Sawyer
CSR and Service Brand: The Mediating Effect of Brand Identification and Moderating Effect of Service Quality Hongwei He and Yan Li
The Role of Ethical Ideology in Reactions to Injustice Stephanie E. Hastings and Joan E. Finegan
Labor-Friendly Corporate Practices: Is What is Good for Employees Good for Shareholders? Olubunmi Faleye and Emery A. Trahan
Profits, Layoffs, and Priorities Daniel G. Arce and Sherry Xin Li
Corporate Social Responsibility as a Dynamic Internal Organizational Process: A Case Study Sharon C. Bolton, Rebecca Chung-hee Kim and Kevin D. O’Gorman
Integrating CSR Initiatives in Business: An Organizing Framework Wenlong Yuan, Yongjian Bao and Alain Verbeke
Just Relations and Company–Community Conflict in Mining Deanna Kemp, John R. Owen, Nora Gotzmann and Carol J. Bond
Mission-Driven Organizations in Japan: Management Philosophy and Individual Outcomes Yingyan Wang
Corporate Social Responsibility, Investor Behaviors, and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China Maobin Wang, Chun Qiu and Dongmin Kong
Socially Responsible Investment and Fiduciary Duty: Putting the Freshfields Report into Perspective Joakim Sandberg
Antecedents to the Justification of Norm Violating Behavior Among Business Practitioners Scott J. Vitell, Megan Keith and Manisha Mathur
How Can SMEs in a Cluster Respond to Global Demands for Corporate Responsibility? Heidi von Weltzien Høivik and Deepthi Shankar
Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China Zhilong Tian, Rui Wang and Wen Yang
The Global Economic Ethic Manifesto: Implementing a Moral Values Foundation in the Multinational Enterprise Thomas A. Hemphill and Waheeda Lillevik
Does the Ethical Culture of Organisations Promote Managers’ Occupational Well-Being? Investigating Indirect Links via Ethical Strain Mari Huhtala, Taru Feldt, Anna-Maija Lämsä, Saija Mauno and Ulla Kinnunen
Differences in Organizing Between Unions and NGOs: Conflict and Cooperation Among Swedish Unions and NGOs Niklas Egels-Zandén and Peter Hyllman
The Freedom–Responsibility Nexus in Management Philosophy and Business Ethics Claus Dierksmeier
Anderson and Escher’s The MBA Oath: Review Essay Edward J. O’Boyle
Together and Apart: Exploring Structure of the Corporate–NPO Relationship Dayna Simpson, Kathryn Lefroy and Yelena Tsarenko
Moral and Instrumental Norms in Food Risk Communication Peter G. Modin and Sven Ove Hansson
Exploring the Influence of Organizational Ethical Climate on Knowledge Management Fan-Chuan Tseng and Yen-Jung

Jun 2011

Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S. André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwartz
Beyond the Bounded Instrumentality in Current Corporate Sustainability Research: Toward an Inclusive Notion of Profitability. Tobias Hahn and Frank Figge
The Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Vision of Four Nations Ina Freeman and Amir Hasnaoui
Talk the Walk: Measuring the Impact of Strategic Philanthropy Karen Maas and Kellie Liket
Code of Conduct for Non-Executive and Supervisory Directors Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers and Auke De Bos
Fostering Responsible Communities: A Community Social Marketing Approach to Sustainable Living Marylyn Carrigan, Caroline Moraes and Sheena Leek
Erratum to: Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S. André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwarz
Managers’ Moral Decision-Making Patterns Over Time: A Multidimensional Approach Johanna Kujala, Anna-Maija Lämsä and Katriina Penttilä
Business Moral Values of Supervisors and Subordinates and Their Effect on Employee Effectiveness Ding-Yu Jiang, Yi-Chen Lin and Lin-Chin Lin
An Analysis of Cause-Related Marketing Implementation Strategies Through Social Alliance: Partnership Conditions and Strategic Objectives Gordon Liu and Wai-Wai Ko
Coming Clean: The Impact of Environmental Performance and Visibility on Corporate Climate Change Disclosure Cedric Dawkins and John W. Fraas
Corporate Governance, Commitment to Business Ethics, and Firm Valuation: Evidence from the Korean Stock Market Jinhan Pae and Tae Hee Choi
Ethical Leader Behavior and Big Five Factors of Personality Karianne Kalshoven, Deanne N. Den Hartog and Annebel H. B. De Hoogh

May 2011

Mattel, Inc.: Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) – A Life-Cycle Analysis of a Company-Based Code of Conduct in the Toy Industry S. Prakash Sethi, Emre A. Veral, H. Jack Shapiro and Olga Emelianova
The Business Ethics Index as a Leading Economic Indicator John Tsalikis
Corporate Codes of Conduct: The Effects of Code Content and Quality on Ethical Performance Patrick M. Erwin
Re-thinking ‘Spheres of Responsibility’: Business Responsibility for Indirect Harm Kate Macdonald
A Stakeholder Identity Orientation Approach to Corporate Social Performance in Family Firms John B. Bingham, W. Gibb Dyer, Isaac Smith and Gregory L. Adams
Monitoring Costs, Managerial Ethics and Corporate Governance: A Modeling Approach Lerong He and Shih-Jen Kathy Ho

Mar 2011

Facing the Crisis: Toward a New Humanistic Synthesis for Business Domènec Melé, Antonio Argandoña and Carlos Sanchez-RundeVirtue, Profit, and the Separation Thesis: An Aristotelian View Edwin M. Hartman
The Reconciliation Project: Separation and Integration in Business Ethics Research Miguel Alzola
Ethics and Economics: Towards a New Humanistic Synthesis for Business Wolfgang Grassl and André Habisch
An Integrated Model of Humanistic Management Heiko Spitzeck
‘No Strings Attached’: Welcoming the Existential Gift in Business Sandrine Frémeaux and Grant Michelson
Beyond Contracts: Love in Firms Antonio Argandoña
The Possibilities of the Acting Person Within an Institutional Framework: Goods, Norms, and Virtues Javier Aranzadi
Toward a More Humanistic Governance Model: Network Governance Structures Michael Pirson and Shann Turnbull
Corporate Social Responsibility as Subsidiary Co-Responsibility: A Macroeconomic Perspective Michael S. Aßländer

Feb 2011

Corporate Ethical Values, Group Creativity, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: The Impact of Work Context on Work Response Sean Valentine, Lynn Godkin, Gary M. Fleischman and Roland Kidwell
MNC Strategic Responses to Ethical Pressure: An Institutional Logic Perspective Justin Tan and Liang Wang
Small-Business Owner-Managers’ Perceptions of Business Ethics and CSR-Related ConceptsYves Fassin, Annick Van Rossem and Marc Buelens
The Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility in Indonesia: Problems and Implications Patricia Rinwigati Waagstein
An Institutional Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility in Kenya Judy N. Muthuri and Victoria Gilbert
From Inaction to External Whistleblowing: The Influence of the Ethical Culture of Organizations on Employee Responses to Observed Wrongdoing Muel Kaptein
How Important Are CEOs to CSR Practices? An Analysis of the Mediating Effect of the Perceived Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility José-Luis Godos-Díez, Roberto Fernández-Gago and Almudena Martínez-Campillo
Ethics and Law: Guiding the Invisible Hand to Correct Corporate Social Responsibility Externalities Paul K. Shum and Sharon L. Yam
When Leadership Goes Unnoticed: The Moderating Role of Follower Self-Esteem on the Relationship Between Ethical Leadership and Follower Behavior James B. Avey, Michael E. Palanski and Fred O. Walumbwa
An Exploratory Study into the Factors Impeding Ethical Consumption Jeffery Bray, Nick Johns and David Kilburn
Moral Judgment and its Impact on Business-to-Business Sales Performance and Customer Relationships Charles H. Schwepker and David J. Good
Intellectual Capital and Uncertainty of Knowledge: Control by Design of the Management System Irene M. Herremans, Robert G. Isaac, Theresa J. B. Kline and Jamal A. Nazari

Jan 2011

The Impact of Board Diversity and Gender Composition on Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Reputation Stephen Bear, Noushi Rahman and Corinne Post
Transnational Norm-Building Networks and the Legitimacy of Corporate Social Responsibility Standards Ulrich Mueckenberger and Sarah Jastram
Consumer Ethics: The Role of Self-Regulatory Focus Tine De Bock and Patrick Van Kenhove
Empowering Coffee Traders? The Coffee Value Chain from Nicaraguan Fair Trade Farmers to Finnish Consumers Joni Valkila, Pertti Haaparanta and Niina Niemi
Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Reporting in Bangladesh Ataur R. Belal and Robin W. Roberts
The Influence of Retail Management’s Use of Social Power on Corporate Ethical Values, Employee Commitment, and Performance Harald Biong, Arne Nygaard and Ragnhild Silkoset
The Role of the Board of Directors in Disseminating Relevant Information on Greenhouse Gases Jose-Manuel Prado-Lorenzo and Isabel-Maria Garcia-Sanchez
Detecting Supply Chain Innovation Potential for Sustainable Development Raine Isaksson, Peter Johansson and Klaus Fischer
The Effects of Ethical Codes on Ethical Perceptions of Actions Toward Stakeholders Joseph A. McKinney, Tisha L. Emerson and Mitchell J. Neubert
Corporate Autonomy and Buyer–Supplier Relationships: The Case of Unsafe Mattel Toys Julia Roloff and Michael S. Aßländer
Longitudinal Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Relationships Russell Lacey and Pamela A. Kennett-Hensel
Establishing Organizational Ethical Climates: How Do Managerial Practices Work? K. Praveen Parboteeah, Hsien Chun Chen, Ying-Tzu Lin, I-Heng Chen and Amber Y-P Lee, et al.
Do Ethical Values Work? A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee on Consumer Behavior Patrice Cailleba and Herbert Casteran
Liberal Thought in Reasoning on CSR Ulf Henning Richter
Toward a More Coherent Understanding of the Organization–Society Relationship: A Theoretical Consideration for Social and Environmental Accounting Research Jennifer C. Chen and Robin W. RobertsMultinational Oil Companies and the Adoption of Sustainable Development: A Resource-Based and Institutional Theory Interpretation of Adoption Heterogeneity Luis Fernando Escobar and Harrie Vredenburg
Determinants of Green Practice Adoption for Logistics Companies in China Chieh-Yu Lin and Yi-Hui Ho
Corporate Social Responsibility, Utilitarianism, and the Capabilities Approach Cecile Renouard
Social Sustainability in Selecting Emerging Economy Suppliers Matthias Ehrgott, Felix Reimann, Lutz Kaufmann and Craig R. Carter
The Stakeholder Approach: A Sustainability Perspective Don Clifton and Azlan Amran
Relational Well-Being and Wealth: Māori Businesses and an Ethic of Care Chellie Spiller, Ljiljana Erakovic, Manuka Henare and Edwina Pio
Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship Cam Caldwell, Do X. Truong, Pham T. Linh and Anh Tuan
Losses from Failure of Stakeholder Sensitive Processes: Financial Consequences for Large US Companies from Breakdowns in Product, Environmental, and Accounting Standards Les Coleman

Journal of Consumer Marketing

Journal of Consumer Research

Jul 2011

Getting Ahead of the Joneses: When Equality Increases Conspicuous Consumption among Bottom-Tier Consumers Nailya Ordabayeva and Pierre Chandon
When Your World Must Be Defended: Choosing Products to Justify the System Keisha M. Cutright, Eugenia C. Wu, Jillian C. Banfield, Aaron C. Kay and Gavan J. Fitzsimons
A Coal in the Heart: Self-Relevance as a Post-Exit Predictor of Consumer Anti-Brand Actions Allison R. Johnson, Maggie Matear and Matthew Thomson
How Credit Card Payments Increase Unhealthy Food Purchases: Visceral Regulation of Vices Manoj Thomas, Kalpesh Kaushik Desai and Satheeshkumar Seenivasan
Safety First? The Role of Emotion in Safety Product Betrayal Aversion Andrew D. Gershoff and Jonathan J. Koehler

Jan 2011

How Mainstream Consumers Think about Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Paul C. Henry Abstract

Journal of Financial Economics

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Nov 2011

Moving Beyond Eco-efficiency : Articulating Visions for Industrial Ecology Reid Lifset
Social Metabolism and Hybrid Structures Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Julia K. Steinberger
Resource Efficiency : Five Governance Challenges Toward a Green Economy Raimund Bleischwitz
Sustainable Consumption and Supportable Investment Roland Clift
Lifestyles and Well-Being Versus the Environment Manfred Lenzen and Robert A. Cummins
Harmonizing Science and Policy Programs for a Decent and Sustainable Life for All by the Mid-Millennium Arnold Tukker
Sustainable Degrowth F. Schneider, J. Martinez-Alier and G. Kallis
Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis : Framing Questions for Approaches Jeroen B. Guinée and Reinout Heijungs
Stepping Stones From Life Cycle Assessment to Adjacent Assessment Techniques Bo P. Weidema
Hybrid Input-Output Analysis as a Tool for Communication Among Scientists of Different Disciplines : Experiences With Metallurgy and Materials Science Shinichiro Nakamura
The Price Mechanism and Eco-efficiency : The Role of Green Fiscal Reform Paul Ekins
Beyond Current Practices : The Role of the External Costs of Carbon in Climate Decision Making Anil Markandya and Ramon A. Ortiz
The “ExternE” Methodology for Assessing the Eco-efficiency of Technologies Rainer Friedrich
Further Extension of Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis : Descriptive Accounting and Analytical Modeling Yasushi Kondo
Innovation for Sustainable Development as a Topic for Environmental Assessment René Kemp
On the Roles of Individuals as Social Drivers for Eco-innovation Armin Grunwald
Challenges for Industrial Ecology in Practice and Theory : Creating a Sustainable World for Nine Billion in 2050 Gjalt Huppes, Masanobu Ishikawa and Gert Jan Kramer

Sep 2011

Incorporating Ecosystem Services Into Life Cycle Assessment Bhavik Bakshi and Mitchell J. Small
Life Cycle Thinking in Canada: The Contribution of the CIRAIG Sandra Estrela
Application of Product Data Technology Standards to LCA Data Anna Moreno, Francesca Cappellaro, Paolo Masoni and Anna Amato
Prospective Impacts of Electronic Textiles on Recycling and Disposal Andreas R. Köhler, Lorenz M. Hilty and Conny Bakker
Carbon Flux of an Urban System in México Stephen H. Bullock, Martín Escoto-Rodríguez, Stephen V. Smith and Alejandro Hinojosa
Extended Life Cycle Assessment of Southern Pink Shrimp Products Originating in Senegalese Artisanal and Industrial Fisheries for Export to Europe Friederike Ziegler, Andreas Emanuelsson, John Lucas Eichelsheim, Anna Flysjö, Vaque Ndiaye and Mikkel Thrane
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Charcoal, Biogas, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas as Cooking Fuels in Ghana George Afrane and Augustine Ntiamoah
Emergy as a Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicator : A Gold Mining Case Study Wesley W. Ingwersen
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of a Swedish Dissolving Pulp Mill Integrated Biorefinery Sara González-García, Almudena Hospido, Roland Agnemo, Patrik Svensson, Eva Selling, Ma Teresa Moreira and Gumersindo Feijoo
Toward a Carbon Dioxide Neutral Industrial Park : A Case Study C. Block, B. Van Praet, T. Windels, I. Vermeulen, G. Dangreau, A. Overmeire, E. D’Hooge, T. Maes, G. Van Eetvelde and C. Vandecasteele
Achieving Dewaterization in Industrial Parks : A Case Study of the Yixing Economic Development Zone Sai Liang, Lei Shi and Tianzhu Zhang
Measuring and Improving Eco-efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis : A Case Study of Mahón-Menorca Cheese Neus Sanjuan, Javier Ribal, Gabriela Clemente and Ma Loreto Fenollosa
Developing Effective Product Panel Methodology Through Practice : A Case Study of the Catalan Toy Industry Jenna M. Watson, Cristina Gazulla, Alba Bala and Pere Fullana-i-Palmer

Jun 2011

An Ecological Economic Critique of the Use of Market Information in Life Cycle Assessment Research Nathan Pelletier and Peter Tyedmers
What Do We Know About Metal Recycling Rates? T. E. Graedel, Julian Allwood, Jean-Pierre Birat, Matthias Buchert, Christian Hagelüken, Barbara K. Reck, Scott F. Sibley and Guido Sonnemann
Identifying Lowest-Emission Choices and Environmental Pareto Frontiers for Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Treatment Input-Output Model based Linear Programming Chen Lin
Hour-by-Hour Analysis for Increased Accuracy of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for a Low-Energy Condominium Design David Bristow, Russell Richman, Adam Kirsh, Christopher A. Kennedy and Kim D. Pressnail
Energy Use and Environmental Impacts of the Swedish Building and Real Estate Management Sector Susanna Toller, Anders Wadeskog, Göran Finnveden, Tove Malmqvist and Annica Carlsson
Environmental Supply Chain Cooperation and Its Effect on the Circular Economy Practice-Performance Relationship Among Chinese Manufacturers Qinghua Zhu, Yong Geng and Kee-hung Lai
Urban Metabolism in China Achieving Dematerialization and Decarbonization in Suzhou Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang
Progress Toward a Circular Economy in China: The Drivers (and Inhibitors) of Eco-industrial Initiative John A. Mathews and Hao Tan
From Life Cycle Assessment to Life Cycle Management: A Case Study on Industrial Waste Management Policy Making Pere Fullana i Palmer, Rita Puig, Alba Bala, Grau Baquero, Jordi Riba and Marco Raugei

Journal of International Business Studies

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of Marketing

Jul 2011

The Asymmetric Effects of Extending Brands to Lower and Higher Quality Timothy B. Heath, Devon DelVecchio, & Michael S. McCarthy
Emotional Brand Attachment and Brand Personality: The Relative Importance of the Actual and the Ideal Self Lucia Malär, Harley Krohmer, Wayne D. Hoyer, & Bettina Nyffenegger
Reinventing Marketing to Manage the Environmental Imperative Philip Kotler
Impact of Emerging Markets on Marketing: Rethinking Existing Perspectives and Practices Jagdish N. Sheth
Closing the Marketing Capabilities Gap George S. Day
Bridging the Academic–Practitioner Divide in Marketing Decision Models Gary L. Lilien
On Managerial Relevance Bernard J. Jaworski

Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Operations Management

Nov 2011

Global supply chain design considerations: Mitigating product safety and security risks Cheri Speier, Judith M. Whipple, David J. Closs, M. Douglas Voss
Accidents happen: The influence of safety-specific transformational leadership, safety consciousness, and hazard reducing systems on warehouse accidents René B.M. de Koster, Daan Stam, Bert M. Balk
Safety hazard and time to recall: The role of recall strategy, product defect type, and supply chain player in the U.S. toy industry Manpreet Hora, Hari Bapuji, Aleda V. Roth

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Mar 2011

Approaches to Managing Global Sourcing Risk Prof. Martin Christopher, Dr. Carlos H. Mena, Dr. omera khan, Dr. Oznur Yurt Abstract

How Standards Compete: Comparative impact of coffee certification schemes in Northern Nicaragua Prof. Ruerd Ruben, Dr. Guillermo Zuniga Abstract

Ethical procurement strategies for International Aid Non-Government Organisations
Mr. Nigel Robert Wild, Dr. Li Zhou Abstract

Notions For The Successful Management Of The Supply Chain: Learning With Carrefour In Spain And Carrefour In China Dr. Jesus Cambra-Fierro, Dr. Rocio Ruiz-Benitez Abstract

Jan 2011

Approaches To Managing Global Sourcing Risk Prof. Martin Christopher, Dr. Carlos H. Mena, Dr. Omera Khan, Dr. Oznur Yurt Abstract

How Standards Compete: Comparative Impact Of Coffee Certification Schemes In Northern Nicaragua Prof. Ruerd Ruben, Dr. Guillermo Zuniga Abstract

Ethical Procurement Strategies For International Aid Non-Government Organisations, Mr. Nigel Robert Wild, Dr. Li Zhou Abstract

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Organization Science

Organization Studies

Jul 2011

Bringing ethics into focus: How regulatory focus and risk preferences influence (Un)ethical behavior Francesca Gino, Joshua D. Margolis
Cheating more when the spoils are split Scott S. Wiltermuth
Justified ethicality: Observing desired counterfactuals modifies ethical perceptions and behavior Shaul Shalvi, Jason Dana, Michel J.J. Handgraaf, Carsten K.W. De Dreu
Unable to resist temptation: How self-control depletion promotes unethical behavior Francesca Gino, Maurice E. Schweitzer, Nicole L. Mead, Dan Ariely
Linking ethical leadership to employee performance: The roles of leader–member exchange, self-efficacy, and organizational identification Fred O. Walumbwa, David M. Mayer, Peng Wang, Hui Wang, Kristina Workman, Amanda L. Christensen
The effects of process and outcome accountability on judgment process and performance Bart de Langhe, Stijn M.J. van Osselaer, Berend Wierenga
Whom to help? Immediacy bias in judgments and decisions about humanitarian aid Michaela Huber, Leaf Van Boven, A. Peter McGraw, Laura Johnson-Graham

Review of Financial Studies

Sloan Management Review

Strategic Management Journal