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SRF - Organizations: Building Sustainable Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Commercial Microfinance Organizations Julie Battilana, Silvia Dorado
SRF - Organizations: Discourse, Field-Configuring Events, and Change in Organizations and Institutional Fields: Narratives of DDT and the Stockholm Convention Cynthia Hardy, Steve Maguire
SRF - Organizations: The Dangers of Decoupling: The Relationship between Compliance Programs, Legitimacy Perceptions, and Institutionalized Misconduct Tammy MacLean, Michael Behnam

Harvard Business Review

Journal of Business Ethics

The Impact of Board Diversity and Gender Composition on Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Reputation Stephen Bear, Noushi Rahman and Corinne Post
Transnational Norm-Building Networks and the Legitimacy of Corporate Social Responsibility Standards Ulrich Mueckenberger and Sarah Jastram
Consumer Ethics: The Role of Self-Regulatory Focus Tine De Bock and Patrick Van Kenhove
Empowering Coffee Traders? The Coffee Value Chain from Nicaraguan Fair Trade Farmers to Finnish Consumers Joni Valkila, Pertti Haaparanta and Niina Niemi
Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Corporate Social Reporting in Bangladesh Ataur R. Belal and Robin W. Roberts
The Influence of Retail Management’s Use of Social Power on Corporate Ethical Values, Employee Commitment, and Performance Harald Biong, Arne Nygaard and Ragnhild Silkoset
The Role of the Board of Directors in Disseminating Relevant Information on Greenhouse Gases Jose-Manuel Prado-Lorenzo and Isabel-Maria Garcia-Sanchez
Detecting Supply Chain Innovation Potential for Sustainable Development Raine Isaksson, Peter Johansson and Klaus Fischer
The Effects of Ethical Codes on Ethical Perceptions of Actions Toward Stakeholders Joseph A. McKinney, Tisha L. Emerson and Mitchell J. Neubert
Corporate Autonomy and Buyer–Supplier Relationships: The Case of Unsafe Mattel Toys Julia Roloff and Michael S. Aßländer
Longitudinal Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Relationships Russell Lacey and Pamela A. Kennett-Hensel
Establishing Organizational Ethical Climates: How Do Managerial Practices Work? K. Praveen Parboteeah, Hsien Chun Chen, Ying-Tzu Lin, I-Heng Chen and Amber Y-P Lee, et al.
Do Ethical Values Work? A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Fair Trade Coffee on Consumer Behavior Patrice Cailleba and Herbert Casteran
Liberal Thought in Reasoning on CSR Ulf Henning Richter
Toward a More Coherent Understanding of the Organization–Society Relationship: A Theoretical Consideration for Social and Environmental Accounting Research Jennifer C. Chen and Robin W. RobertsMultinational Oil Companies and the Adoption of Sustainable Development: A Resource-Based and Institutional Theory Interpretation of Adoption Heterogeneity Luis Fernando Escobar and Harrie Vredenburg
Determinants of Green Practice Adoption for Logistics Companies in China Chieh-Yu Lin and Yi-Hui Ho
Corporate Social Responsibility, Utilitarianism, and the Capabilities Approach Cecile Renouard
Social Sustainability in Selecting Emerging Economy Suppliers Matthias Ehrgott, Felix Reimann, Lutz Kaufmann and Craig R. Carter
The Stakeholder Approach: A Sustainability Perspective Don Clifton and Azlan Amran
Relational Well-Being and Wealth: Māori Businesses and an Ethic of Care Chellie Spiller, Ljiljana Erakovic, Manuka Henare and Edwina Pio
Strategic Human Resource Management as Ethical Stewardship Cam Caldwell, Do X. Truong, Pham T. Linh and Anh Tuan
Losses from Failure of Stakeholder Sensitive Processes: Financial Consequences for Large US Companies from Breakdowns in Product, Environmental, and Accounting Standards Les Coleman

Journal of Consumer Research

How Mainstream Consumers Think about Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Paul C. Henry Abstract

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Approaches To Managing Global Sourcing Risk Prof. Martin Christopher, Dr. Carlos H. Mena, Dr. Omera Khan, Dr. Oznur Yurt Abstract

How Standards Compete: Comparative Impact Of Coffee Certification Schemes In Northern Nicaragua Prof. Ruerd Ruben, Dr. Guillermo Zuniga Abstract

Ethical Procurement Strategies For International Aid Non-Government Organisations, Mr. Nigel Robert Wild, Dr. Li Zhou Abstract

Sloan Management Review

Strategic Management Journal