Harvard Business Review

International Small Business Journal

Journal of Business Ethics

An Empirical Study of Leader Ethical Values, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, and Follower Attitudes Toward Corporate Social Responsibility Kevin S. Groves and Michael A. LaRocca
Public Versus Private Sector Procurement Ethics and Strategy: What Each Sector can Learn from the Other Timothy G. Hawkins, Michael J. Gravier and Edward H. Powley
The Transparent Supply Chain: from Resistance to Implementation at Nike and Levi-Strauss David J. Doorey
The Credit Crisis and the Moral Responsibility of Professionals in Finance Johan J. Graafland and Bert W. van de Ven
Corporate Social Responsibility as an Organizational Attractiveness for Prospective Public Relations Practitioners Soo-Yeon Kim and Hyojung Park
A Twenty-First Century Assessment of Values Across the Global Workforce David A. Ralston, Carolyn P. Egri, Emmanuelle Reynaud, Narasimhan Srinivasan and Olivier Furrer, et al.
When does Ethical Code Enforcement Matter in the Inter-Organizational Context? The Moderating Role of Switching Costs Scott R. Colwell, Michael J. Zyphur and Marshall Schminke
Investigating the Effects of Moral Disengagement and Participation on Unethical Work Behavior Adam Barsky
Between Profit-Seeking and Prosociality: Corporate Social Responsibility as Derridean Supplement Cameron Sabadoz
The Emergence, Variation, and Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Public Sphere, 1980–2004: The Exposure of Firms to Public Debate Sun Young Lee and Craig E. Carroll
The Relationship Between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance in the Banking Sector Maria-Gaia Soana

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Moving Beyond Eco-efficiency : Articulating Visions for Industrial Ecology Reid Lifset
Social Metabolism and Hybrid Structures Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Julia K. Steinberger
Resource Efficiency : Five Governance Challenges Toward a Green Economy Raimund Bleischwitz
Sustainable Consumption and Supportable Investment Roland Clift
Lifestyles and Well-Being Versus the Environment Manfred Lenzen and Robert A. Cummins
Harmonizing Science and Policy Programs for a Decent and Sustainable Life for All by the Mid-Millennium Arnold Tukker
Sustainable Degrowth F. Schneider, J. Martinez-Alier and G. Kallis
Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis : Framing Questions for Approaches Jeroen B. Guinée and Reinout Heijungs
Stepping Stones From Life Cycle Assessment to Adjacent Assessment Techniques Bo P. Weidema
Hybrid Input-Output Analysis as a Tool for Communication Among Scientists of Different Disciplines : Experiences With Metallurgy and Materials Science Shinichiro Nakamura
The Price Mechanism and Eco-efficiency : The Role of Green Fiscal Reform Paul Ekins
Beyond Current Practices : The Role of the External Costs of Carbon in Climate Decision Making Anil Markandya and Ramon A. Ortiz
The “ExternE” Methodology for Assessing the Eco-efficiency of Technologies Rainer Friedrich
Further Extension of Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis : Descriptive Accounting and Analytical Modeling Yasushi Kondo
Innovation for Sustainable Development as a Topic for Environmental Assessment René Kemp
On the Roles of Individuals as Social Drivers for Eco-innovation Armin Grunwald
Challenges for Industrial Ecology in Practice and Theory : Creating a Sustainable World for Nine Billion in 2050 Gjalt Huppes, Masanobu Ishikawa and Gert Jan Kramer

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of Operations Management

Global supply chain design considerations: Mitigating product safety and security risks Cheri Speier, Judith M. Whipple, David J. Closs, M. Douglas Voss
Accidents happen: The influence of safety-specific transformational leadership, safety consciousness, and hazard reducing systems on warehouse accidents René B.M. de Koster, Daan Stam, Bert M. Balk
Safety hazard and time to recall: The role of recall strategy, product defect type, and supply chain player in the U.S. toy industry Manpreet Hora, Hari Bapuji, Aleda V. Roth

Organization Science