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Vice or Virtue? The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Executive Compensation Ye Cai, Hoje Jo and Carrie Pan
Government Intervention, Perceived Benefit, and Bribery of Firms in Transitional China Yongqiang Gao
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A Model for Ethical Decision Making in Business: Reasoning, Intuition, and Rational Moral Principles Jaana Woiceshyn
The Influence of Corporate Environmental Ethics on Competitive Advantage: The Mediation Role of Green Innovation Ching-Hsun Chang
To What Extent is Business Responding to Climate Change? Evidence from a Global Wine Producer Jeremy Galbreath
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A Longitudinal Study of Corporate Social Disclosures in a Developing Economy J. D. Mahadeo, V. Oogarah-Hanuman and T. Soobaroye

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