Business and Society

Marc Orlitzky, Donald S. Siegel, and David A. Waldman Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability Abstract

Thibault Daudigeos and Bertrand Valiorgue Conditions for Value Creation in the Marketplace Through the Management of CSR Issues: A Negative External Effects Framework Abstract

Jenna P. Stites and Judd H. Michael Organizational Commitment in Manufacturing Employees: Relationships With Corporate Social Performance Abstract

Judith L. Walls, Phillip H. Phan, and Pascual Berrone Measuring Environmental Strategy: Construct Development, Reliability, and Validity Abstract

Magali Delmas, Volker H. Hoffmann, and Matthias Kuss Under the Tip of the Iceberg: Absorptive Capacity, Environmental Strategy, and Competitive Advantage Abstract

Min-Dong Paul Lee and Michael Lounsbury Domesticating Radical Rant and Rage: An Exploration of the Consequences of Environmental Shareholder Resolutions on Corporate Environmental Performance Abstract

Corinne Post, Noushi Rahman, and Emily Rubow Green Governance: Boards of Directors’ Composition and Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility Abstract

Journal of Business Ethics

Facing the Crisis: Toward a New Humanistic Synthesis for Business Domènec Melé, Antonio Argandoña and Carlos Sanchez-RundeVirtue, Profit, and the Separation Thesis: An Aristotelian View Edwin M. Hartman
The Reconciliation Project: Separation and Integration in Business Ethics Research Miguel Alzola
Ethics and Economics: Towards a New Humanistic Synthesis for Business Wolfgang Grassl and André Habisch
An Integrated Model of Humanistic Management Heiko Spitzeck
‘No Strings Attached’: Welcoming the Existential Gift in Business Sandrine Frémeaux and Grant Michelson
Beyond Contracts: Love in Firms Antonio Argandoña
The Possibilities of the Acting Person Within an Institutional Framework: Goods, Norms, and Virtues Javier Aranzadi
Toward a More Humanistic Governance Model: Network Governance Structures Michael Pirson and Shann Turnbull
Corporate Social Responsibility as Subsidiary Co-Responsibility: A Macroeconomic Perspective Michael S. Aßländer

Journal of Operations Management

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Approaches to Managing Global Sourcing Risk Prof. Martin Christopher, Dr. Carlos H. Mena, Dr. omera khan, Dr. Oznur Yurt Abstract

How Standards Compete: Comparative impact of coffee certification schemes in Northern Nicaragua Prof. Ruerd Ruben, Dr. Guillermo Zuniga Abstract

Ethical procurement strategies for International Aid Non-Government Organisations
Mr. Nigel Robert Wild, Dr. Li Zhou Abstract

Notions For The Successful Management Of The Supply Chain: Learning With Carrefour In Spain And Carrefour In China Dr. Jesus Cambra-Fierro, Dr. Rocio Ruiz-Benitez Abstract