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Sustainable marketing, equity, and economic growth: a resource-advantage, economic freedom approach Shelby D. Hunt
Mindful consumption: a customer-centric approach to sustainability Jagdish N. Sheth, Nirmal K. Sethia and Shanthi Srinivas
Sustainability and consumption
Ming-Hui Huang and Roland T. Rust
The structure of sustainability research in marketing, 1958–2008: a basis for future research opportunities
Brian R. Chabowski, Jeannette A. Mena and Tracy L. Gonzalez-Padron
Market-oriented sustainability: a conceptual framework and propositions
Victoria L. Crittenden, William F. Crittenden, Linda K. Ferrell, O. C. Ferrell and Christopher C. Pinney
Toward a “theoretical toolbox” for sustainability research in marketing Brian L. Connelly, David J. Ketchen and Stanley F. Slater
Sustainability to support end-to-end value chains: the role of supply chain management
David J. Closs, Cheri Speier and Nathan Meacham
How can corporate social responsibility activities create value for stakeholders? A systematic review
John Peloza and Jingzhi Shang
The role of institutional and reputational factors in the voluntary adoption of corporate social responsibility reporting standards Ralitza Nikolaeva and Marta Bicho
Green marketing strategies: an examination of stakeholders and the opportunities they present J. Joseph Cronin, Jeffery S. Smith, Mark R. Gleim, Edward Ramirez and Jennifer Dawn Martinez
How durable is sustainable enterprise? Ecological sustainability meets the reality of tough economic times Sekerka, L.E. & Stimel, D.
Responsible careers: Systemic reflexivity in shifting landscapes Tams, S., and Marshall, J.

Harvard Business Review

Journal of Business Ethics

Mattel, Inc.: Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) – A Life-Cycle Analysis of a Company-Based Code of Conduct in the Toy Industry S. Prakash Sethi, Emre A. Veral, H. Jack Shapiro and Olga Emelianova
The Business Ethics Index as a Leading Economic Indicator John Tsalikis
Corporate Codes of Conduct: The Effects of Code Content and Quality on Ethical Performance Patrick M. Erwin
Re-thinking ‘Spheres of Responsibility’: Business Responsibility for Indirect Harm Kate Macdonald
A Stakeholder Identity Orientation Approach to Corporate Social Performance in Family Firms John B. Bingham, W. Gibb Dyer, Isaac Smith and Gregory L. Adams
Monitoring Costs, Managerial Ethics and Corporate Governance: A Modeling Approach Lerong He and Shih-Jen Kathy Ho

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Operations Management

Sloan Management Review