Academy of Management Perspectives

American Economic Review

Promoting Recycling: Private Values, Social Norms, and Economic Incentives
W. Kip Viscusi, Joel Huber and Jason Bell
The Environmental Consequences of Global Reuse Thomas Kinnaman and Hide-Fumi Yokoo
The Diffusion of Energy Efficiency in Building Nils Kok, Marquise McGraw and John M. Quigley
Do Residential Customers Respond to Hourly Prices? Evidence from a Dynamic Pricing Experiment Frank A. Wolak
Challenges from State-Federal Interactions in US Climate Change Policy Lawrence H. Goulder and Robert N. Stavins
The Role of Trade and Competitiveness Measures in US Climate Policy Carolyn Fischer and Alan K. Fox
Vertical Targeting and Leakage in Carbon Policy James B. Bushnell and Erin T. Mansur
The Effect of Allowing Pollution Offsets with Imperfect Enforcement Hilary Sigman and Howard F. Chang
The Persistence of Treatment Effects with Norm-Based Policy Instruments: Evidence from a Randomized Environmental Policy Experiment Paul J. Ferraro, Juan Jose Miranda and Michael K. Price
Can Tailored Communications Motivate Environmental Volunteers? A Natural Field Experiment Omar Al-Ubaydli and Min Lee
Using Artefactual Field Experiments to Learn about the Incentives for Sustainable Forest Use in Developing Economies Maarten Voors, Erwin Bulte, Andreas Kontoleon, John A. List and Ty Turley
Markets and Morality Jagdish Bhagwati
Measuring the Benefits of Greater Spatial Granularity in Short-Term Pricing in Wholesale Electricity Markets Frank A. Wolak
Land and Racial Wealth Inequality Melinda C. Miller
Superfund Cleanups and Infant Health Janet Currie, Michael Greenstone and Enrico Moretti
Environmental Regulation and Labor Reallocation: Evidence from the Clean Air Act W. Reed Walker
Chipping Away at the Glass Ceiling: Gender Spillovers in Corporate Leadership David A. Matsa and Amalia R. Miller

Business and Society

How Hot Is Your Bottom Line? Linking Carbon and Financial Performance Timo Busch and Volker H. Hoffmann
Green Information Technologies and Systems: Employees’ Perceptions of Organizational Practices Tracy A. Jenkin, Lindsay McShane, and Jane Webster
Firm Size Matters: An Empirical Investigation of Organizational Size and Ownership on Sustainability-Related Behaviors Peter Jack Gallo and Lisa Jones Christensen
Strategic Responses to Perceived Corruption in an Emerging Market: Lessons From MNEs Investing in China Yadong Luo
Corporate Commitment to Global Quality of Life Issues: Do Slack Resources, Industry Affiliations, and Multinational Headquarters Matter? Christie H. Amato and Louis H. Amato

Harvard Business Review

International Small Business Journal

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Business Ethics

Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S. André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwartz
Beyond the Bounded Instrumentality in Current Corporate Sustainability Research: Toward an Inclusive Notion of Profitability. Tobias Hahn and Frank Figge
The Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Vision of Four Nations Ina Freeman and Amir Hasnaoui
Talk the Walk: Measuring the Impact of Strategic Philanthropy Karen Maas and Kellie Liket
Code of Conduct for Non-Executive and Supervisory Directors Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers and Auke De Bos
Fostering Responsible Communities: A Community Social Marketing Approach to Sustainable Living Marylyn Carrigan, Caroline Moraes and Sheena Leek
Erratum to: Different Talks with Different Folks: A Comparative Survey of Stakeholder Dialog in Germany, Italy, and the U.S. André Habisch, Lorenzo Patelli, Matteo Pedrini and Christoph Schwarz
Managers’ Moral Decision-Making Patterns Over Time: A Multidimensional Approach Johanna Kujala, Anna-Maija Lämsä and Katriina Penttilä
Business Moral Values of Supervisors and Subordinates and Their Effect on Employee Effectiveness Ding-Yu Jiang, Yi-Chen Lin and Lin-Chin Lin
An Analysis of Cause-Related Marketing Implementation Strategies Through Social Alliance: Partnership Conditions and Strategic Objectives Gordon Liu and Wai-Wai Ko
Coming Clean: The Impact of Environmental Performance and Visibility on Corporate Climate Change Disclosure Cedric Dawkins and John W. Fraas
Corporate Governance, Commitment to Business Ethics, and Firm Valuation: Evidence from the Korean Stock Market Jinhan Pae and Tae Hee Choi
Ethical Leader Behavior and Big Five Factors of Personality Karianne Kalshoven, Deanne N. Den Hartog and Annebel H. B. De Hoogh

Journal of Industrial Ecology

An Ecological Economic Critique of the Use of Market Information in Life Cycle Assessment Research Nathan Pelletier and Peter Tyedmers
What Do We Know About Metal Recycling Rates? T. E. Graedel, Julian Allwood, Jean-Pierre Birat, Matthias Buchert, Christian Hagelüken, Barbara K. Reck, Scott F. Sibley and Guido Sonnemann
Identifying Lowest-Emission Choices and Environmental Pareto Frontiers for Wastewater Treatment Wastewater Treatment Input-Output Model based Linear Programming Chen Lin
Hour-by-Hour Analysis for Increased Accuracy of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for a Low-Energy Condominium Design David Bristow, Russell Richman, Adam Kirsh, Christopher A. Kennedy and Kim D. Pressnail
Energy Use and Environmental Impacts of the Swedish Building and Real Estate Management Sector Susanna Toller, Anders Wadeskog, Göran Finnveden, Tove Malmqvist and Annica Carlsson
Environmental Supply Chain Cooperation and Its Effect on the Circular Economy Practice-Performance Relationship Among Chinese Manufacturers Qinghua Zhu, Yong Geng and Kee-hung Lai
Urban Metabolism in China Achieving Dematerialization and Decarbonization in Suzhou Sai Liang and Tianzhu Zhang
Progress Toward a Circular Economy in China: The Drivers (and Inhibitors) of Eco-industrial Initiative John A. Mathews and Hao Tan
From Life Cycle Assessment to Life Cycle Management: A Case Study on Industrial Waste Management Policy Making Pere Fullana i Palmer, Rita Puig, Alba Bala, Grau Baquero, Jordi Riba and Marco Raugei

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Organization Science