American Economic Review

International Small Business Journal

Journal of Business Ethics

Explicating Ethical Corporate Marketing. Insights from the BP Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe: The Ethical Brand that Exploded and then Imploded John M. T. Balmer, Shaun M. Powell and Stephen A. Greyser
How Sustainability Ratings Might Deter ‘Greenwashing’: A Closer Look at Ethical Corporate Communication Béatrice Parguel, Florence Benoît-Moreau and Fabrice Larceneux
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Benefits of Employee Trust: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective S. Duane Hansen, Benjamin B. Dunford, Alan D. Boss, R. Wayne Boss and Ingo Angermeier
Consumer Perceptions of the Antecedents and Consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility Andrea J. S. Stanaland, May O. Lwin and Patrick E. Murphy
Setting Boundaries for Corporate Social Responsibility: Firm–NGO Relationship as Discursive Legitimation Struggle Maria Joutsenvirta
Deonance and Distrust: Motivated Third Party Information Seeking Following Disclosure of an Agent’s Unethical Behavior Chris M. Bell and Kelley J. Main
A Framework for Assessing Immorally Manipulative Marketing Tactics Shlomo Sher
The Sound of Silence – A Space for Morality? The Role of Solitude for Ethical Decision Making Kleio Akrivou, Dimitrios Bourantas, Shenjiang Mo and Evi Papalois
Buy, Lie, or Die: An Investigation of Chinese ST Firms’ Voluntary Interim Audit Motive and Auditor Independence Alex G. H. Chu, Xingqiang Du and Guohua Jiang
The Impact of Ethical Ideologies, Moral Intensity, and Social Context on Sales-Based Ethical Reasoning Sean R. Valentine and Connie R. Bateman
The Collapse of a European Bank in the Financial Crisis: An Analysis from Stakeholder and Ethical Perspectives Yves Fassin and Derrick Gosselin
Critical Events in the Ethics of U.S. Corporation History S. Douglas Beets
Sustainable Supply Chain Management Integration: A Qualitative Analysis of the German Manufacturing Industry Julia Wolf
Drivers of Change: A Multiple-Case Study on the Process of Institutionalization of Corporate Responsibility Among Three Multinational Companies Ulf Henning Richter
Configuration of External Influences: The Combined Effects of Institutions and Stakeholders on Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies Min-Dong Paul Lee
Women Directors on Corporate Boards: From Tokenism to Critical Mass Mariateresa Torchia, Andrea Calabrò and Morten Huse
Stakeholder Salience Revisited: Refining, Redefining, and Refueling an Underdeveloped Conceptual Tool Benjamin A. Neville, Simon J. Bell and Gregory J. Whitwell
Behavioral Economics, Federalism, and the Triumph of Stakeholder TheoryAllen Kaufman and Ernie Englander
Understanding Purchase Intention During Product-Harm Crises: Moderating Effects of Perceived Corporate Ability and Corporate Social Responsibility Chieh-Peng Lin, Shwu-Chuan Chen, Chou-Kang Chiu and Wan-Yu Lee
Australian Socially Responsible Funds: Performance, Risk and Screening Intensity Jacquelyn E. Humphrey and Darren D. Lee
Convergence Versus Divergence of CSR in Developing Countries: An Embedded Multi-Layered Institutional Lens Dima Jamali and Ben Neville
Research into Quality Management and Social Responsibility Juan José Tarí
Perceived Organizational Motives and Consumer Responses to Proactive and Reactive CSR Mark D. Groza, Mya R. Pronschinske and Matthew Walker
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.: An Innovative Voluntary Code of Conduct to Protect Human Rights, Create Employment Opportunities, and Economic Development of the Indigenous People S. Prakash Sethi, David B. Lowry, Emre A. Veral, H. Jack Shapiro and Olga Emelianova
Fluidity of Regulation-CSR Nexus: The Multinational Corporate Corruption Example Onyeka Osuji

Journal of Financial Economics

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Incorporating Ecosystem Services Into Life Cycle Assessment Bhavik Bakshi and Mitchell J. Small
Life Cycle Thinking in Canada: The Contribution of the CIRAIG Sandra Estrela
Application of Product Data Technology Standards to LCA Data Anna Moreno, Francesca Cappellaro, Paolo Masoni and Anna Amato
Prospective Impacts of Electronic Textiles on Recycling and Disposal Andreas R. Köhler, Lorenz M. Hilty and Conny Bakker
Carbon Flux of an Urban System in México Stephen H. Bullock, Martín Escoto-Rodríguez, Stephen V. Smith and Alejandro Hinojosa
Extended Life Cycle Assessment of Southern Pink Shrimp Products Originating in Senegalese Artisanal and Industrial Fisheries for Export to Europe Friederike Ziegler, Andreas Emanuelsson, John Lucas Eichelsheim, Anna Flysjö, Vaque Ndiaye and Mikkel Thrane
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Charcoal, Biogas, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas as Cooking Fuels in Ghana George Afrane and Augustine Ntiamoah
Emergy as a Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicator : A Gold Mining Case Study Wesley W. Ingwersen
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of a Swedish Dissolving Pulp Mill Integrated Biorefinery Sara González-García, Almudena Hospido, Roland Agnemo, Patrik Svensson, Eva Selling, Ma Teresa Moreira and Gumersindo Feijoo
Toward a Carbon Dioxide Neutral Industrial Park : A Case Study C. Block, B. Van Praet, T. Windels, I. Vermeulen, G. Dangreau, A. Overmeire, E. D’Hooge, T. Maes, G. Van Eetvelde and C. Vandecasteele
Achieving Dewaterization in Industrial Parks : A Case Study of the Yixing Economic Development Zone Sai Liang, Lei Shi and Tianzhu Zhang
Measuring and Improving Eco-efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis : A Case Study of Mahón-Menorca Cheese Neus Sanjuan, Javier Ribal, Gabriela Clemente and Ma Loreto Fenollosa
Developing Effective Product Panel Methodology Through Practice : A Case Study of the Catalan Toy Industry Jenna M. Watson, Cristina Gazulla, Alba Bala and Pere Fullana-i-Palmer