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Responsible Leadership in Global Business: A New Approach to Leadership and Its Multi-Level Outcomes Christian Voegtlin, Moritz Patzer and Andreas Georg Scherer
Managers and Moral Dissonance: Self Justification as a Big Threat to Ethical Management? Jonathan Lowell
Consciousness at Work: A Review of Some Important Values, Discussed from a Buddhist Perspective Joan Marques
CEO Leadership Styles and the Implementation of Organizational Diversity Practices: Moderating Effects of Social Values and Age Eddy S. Ng and Greg J. Sears
Interorganizational Favour Exchange and the Relationship Between Doing Well and Doing Good Adam Nguyen and Wesley Cragg
Doing Right Leads to Doing Well: When the Type of CSR and Reputation Interact to Affect Consumer Evaluations of the Firm Yuan-Shuh Lii and Monle Lee
Modeling the Relationship Among Perceived Corporate Citizenship, Firms’ Attractiveness, and Career Success Expectation Chieh-Peng Lin, Yuan-Hui Tsai, Sheng-Wuu Joe and Chou-Kang Chiu
Empathy in Leadership: Appropriate or Misplaced? An Empirical Study on a Topic that is Asking for Attention Svetlana Holt and Joan Marques
The Impact of Spiritual Leadership on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Multi-Sample Analysis Chin-Yi Chen and Chin-Fang Yang
Do Corporations Invest Enough in Environmental Responsibility? Yongtae Kim and Meir Statman
Empathy, Connectedness and Organisation Kathryn Pavlovich and Keiko Krahnke
Thoughts on the Evaluation of Corporate Social Performance Through Projects José Salazar, Bryan W. Husted and Markus Biehl
Three Elements of Stakeholder Legitimacy Adele Santana
Does Ethics Statement of a Public Relations Firm Make a Difference? Yes it Does!! Eyun-Jung Ki, Hong-Lim Choi and Junghyuk Lee

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