Business school sustainability centres are producing and mobilizing valuable sustainability research. The Success Stories below feature the research initiatives of sustainability centres around the world. Each story includes activity impacts and provides guidance for implementing something similar. Success Stories give diverse examples of centre strategies for involving public and private sector entities in research creation and mobilization: 1. Conducting research in close cooperation with industry 2. Providing research-based guidance for industry and government 3. Engaging public and private sector entities in research has directly benefitted centres. External partners with large corporate networks, such as Chambers of Commerce or public investment firms, massively increase the reach of the research. Partners also provide fresh ideas that can inspire new research questions. When mobilized, relevant research has impressive real-world impact, from improving responsible business practice in large corporations, to SME commercialization of eco-friendly innovations. To share your centre’s Success Story, email Chelsea Hicks.

The Market Creation Strategies Initiative: Applied Research Produces Real Impact

Creating real-world change through applied research is core to the mandate of the Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise. The Market Creation Strategies Initiative is the centre’s most recent applied project. The Initiative mobilizes research to help Latin American companies profitably serve low-income markets — otherwise known as Base of the Pyramid (BOP). The initiative seeks to re-position BOP strategies as part of core (profit and loss) operations.


Improving Corporate Transparency and Sustainability in South Africa

The University of Stellenbosch’s Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa (CCGA) helped develop an environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) matrix. To develop the matrix, CCGA assembled a team of corporate governance experts from organizations including the PIC, private industry, University of Stellenbosch and other universities.