Sustainability Centre

Centre for Sustainability Studies (GVces)

São Paulo, Brazil

Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)
São Paulo Business School

Organizational Structure:

The Centre (GVces) has an organizational matrix structure. There is a total of nine sustainability programs: (1) Sustainable Production (2) Corporate Sustainability (3) Global Sustainability (4) Sustainable Finance (5) Education and Sustainability (6) Local Development (7) Página 22 Magazine (8) Sustainable Consumption and (9) Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain. Additionally, there are four transversal lines of action that run in parallel to the above programs: (a) Education (b) Research and Publications (c) Political Articulation and (d) Mobilization and Communication.


“Continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge, contributing to sustainable development within the scope of both the public and the private sectors.”

Main Activities:

GVces develops applied research, which helps the bridge-building between universities, governments, businesses and civil society. For instance, as a result of the study about the existing sustainability indexes, the Corporate Sustainability program developed the Business Sustainability Index for the Brazilian stock exchange. The program has developed the methodology for the Exame Magazine Sustainability Guide – an annual sustainability ranking of companies operating in Brazil. The Sustainable Finance program developed social and environmental standards for investment products and services offered by financial institutions in Brazil. Through research and engagement, the program seeks to highlight the role of the financial sector in fostering a green economy.

GVces also developed action research in remote communities, such as the one of Juruti (Pará, in the Amazon riverbank) and Jirau (Rondônia), subjected to large-scale infrastructure projects. The Global Sustainability program focuses on strategies and tools that allow corporations and governments to move toward a low carbon economy. Among the projects are the Companies for Climate (34 member companies) and the Brazilian Program for the GHG Protocol.

GVces had an important role in terms of the implementation of the GHG protocol in Brazil, as the organization was responsible for the adaptation of the protocol to the Brazilian national context. GVces worked with WRI in this endeavor, in collaboration with the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and 27 founding companies. One of the outcomes of this project included the first online tool developed by GHG Protocol Program for the preparation and dissemination of inventories of GHG emissions from participating companies.

Moreover, Climate Watch is another initiative within the Global Sustainability program, promoting access to information on climate change in Brazil and abroad, playing a proactive role in public policymaking and in participatory processes for the inclusion of the issue in the national and international agenda.


Renato J. Orsato
Academic Director