How can managers make the business case for sustainability?

Instituting a corporate social responsibility plan into your business does create value, according to 30 years of reputable research. Most management studies find a positive relationship between sustainability investments and financial performance.

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Valuing Sustainability Blog

Systematic Review: Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

63 per cent of studies reveal positive correlation between sustainability and financial performance.

Executive Report: Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Executive Report ...

Measure the value of sustainable business activities using the tools and framework of metrics in this introductory guide.

$27 Billion in Food is Wasted in Canada


Turn food waste into a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Make the Case for Business Sustainability


NBS makes leading research on business sustainability publicly available to professionals. This online portal makes things even easier.

Improve CSR in Your Value Chain through Collaboration


Businesses in the same value chain can reap great benefit by using a common strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Three Tips for Profiting from CSR Activities


If your firm is struggling to justify its sustainable activities, you’d better keep at least one aspect in good standing: your behaviour.

Simplifying Complexity: The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014


Download(s): 2014 Challenges Report

This report points to critical sustainability issues, providing signposts to best practices and knowledge, to enable long-term success of Canadian business.

ISO 14001: How EMS Adds Value to Firms


Many firms use ISO’s 14000 standards to support various aspects of environmental management.  ISO 14001, specifically, describes a framework companies can use to set up… Read More

Top 10 Sustainability Research Findings


Want to start 2014 with a win? Make better business decisions immediately with our list of the 10 most popular research findings of the past year.

Does CSR Boost Shareholder Value?


For decades research has suggested that corporate social responsibility (CSR) improves corporate financial performance (CFP). Dr. Caroline Flammer of Western University’s Ivey Business School provided… Read More

How Does Corporate Giving Pay?


This is a summary of the Top 3 research findings on the business benefits of corporate giving. Will Corporate Giving Fix Our Damaged Reputation? 1…. Read More

Why Report on CSR Activities?


Why report of CSR activities? This article summarizes key research findings on the business benefits of CSR reporting.

How to Make Money by Going Green


In this economy, every business needs an edge. A new guide called How to Make Money by Going Green identifies actions small businesses can take that will… Read More

How Does Philanthropy Pay?


How Does Philanthropy Pay? Companies in retail and financial services saw increases of $6 in sales for every $1 donated through corporate charity. How Does My Company… Read More

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