How can managers make the business case for sustainability?

Instituting a corporate social responsibility plan into your business does create value, according to 30 years of reputable research. Most management studies find a positive relationship between sustainability investments and financial performance.

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Valuing Sustainability Blog

Systematic Review: Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

63 per cent of studies reveal positive correlation between sustainability and financial performance.

Executive Report: Valuing Business Sustainability


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Measure the value of sustainable business activities using the tools and framework of metrics in this introductory guide.

The Best Sustainability Reports Are Built on Trust


Done effectively, sustainability reporting builds trust and curates strong relationships with important stakeholders – including employees.

Philanthropy Is Not a Quick Fix For a Damaged Reputation


Your firm can’t buy its way out of a soured reputation with philanthropy alone, but building a culture of good corporate citizenship might do the trick.

Three Ways to Reap Value from CSR Initiatives


Through a survey of Spain’s 500 largest firms, researchers pinpoint three approaches to CSR to ensure it creates value for the company.

How to Manage Your Company’s Reputation Through a Crisis


Firms with troubled CSR reputations suffer lower stock prices in a scandal than CSR-strong companies that properly disclose their misdemeanours.

Making Money and Sustainable Progress with Ecopreneurship


“Ecopreneurs” who prioritize forward-thinking goal setting may be the new leaders of entrepreneurship – and key to long-term corporate sustainability.

Employee Commitment Can Turn Ethics into Dollars


Good CSR and a strong corporate moral compass can drive financial performance through better employee engagement and commitment to your firm.

CSR or Just “Good Management” — Which Drives Financial Performance?


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CSR and profit are difficult to link. Firms are better off focusing on overall good management than striving for index listings and third-party ratings.

How Third-party CSR Ratings Impact Your Share Price


Being added to – or removed from – a social index as a reflection of corporate behaviour can impact stakeholder relationships and your stock price.

Summary Report: Forum on Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Summary Report

Opportunities for managers to make the case for sustainability to senior management are rare. Prepare for those rare opportunities with this forum report.

When Does the Market Reward Environmental Performance Improvements?


Firms planning to engage in CSR activities to interest stakeholders must decide which activities to announce – and which to keep quiet.

Use Corporate Philanthropy to Grow Your Top – and Bottom – Line


New research shows how philanthropy drives financial results by attracting new customers and keeping existing consumers loyal to your firm.

Lower Your Firm’s Cost of Capital by Managing Environmental Risks


Research shows how your firm’s comprehensive environmental risk management strategy can reduce cost of capital and increase opportunity for debt financing.

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