How can managers make the business case for sustainability?

Instituting a corporate social responsibility plan into your business does create value, according to 30 years of reputable research. Most management studies find a positive relationship between sustainability investments and financial performance.

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Valuing Sustainability Blog

Systematic Review: Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

63 per cent of studies reveal positive correlation between sustainability and financial performance.

Executive Report: Valuing Business Sustainability


Download(s): Executive Report ...

Measure the value of sustainable business activities using the tools and framework of metrics in this introductory guide.

Stakeholder Relations Sustain Positive Financial Performance


How can companies extend periods of exceptional financial performance and end those of substandard performance? This study found that good stakeholder relations were a key… Read More

Returns on CSR Require Quality and Innovation


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This study investigates whether CSR improves long-term financial performance by satisfying customers. It finds returns on CSR can be positive or negative depending on a… Read More

3-Step Model to Assess Firms’ Social Initiatives


Managers can evaluate which are the most mutually-beneficial social causes to become involved with – and which ones their firm should avoid.

Improve Your Reputation through Positive CSR


Discover how investing in CSR insures your firm by protecting your reputation and reducing financial impact of negative press.

Stakeholder Awareness of CSR Strengthens Firm-Stakeholder Relationships


Communicating your firm’s CSR activities may bolster stakeholder engagement and drive consumer support.

Mutual Funds Can Improve Performance by Investing in Responsible Firms


Selecting mutual funds that screen irresponsible firms reduces portfolio diversity but can improve long-term financial performance.

The Perils of Excessive Corporate Philanthropy


Donating in excess? Careful, the relationship between philanthropy and financial performance is not linear, but U-shaped.

Improve Revenue and Reduce Costs Through CSR


Discover six mechanisms by which corporate social responsibility drives a firm’s financial performance.

Firm Strategies and Competencies Determine When CSR Investments Pay Off


When done strategically, investments in social and environmental activities can reduce market risk by stabilizing the volatility of your firm’s stock price.

Sustainability and the Bottom Line


Managers may feel lost at sea with the many sustainability metrics and tools. Discover five that work in NBS’s Executive Report on Valuing Sustainability.

Primer: Valuing Sustainability


This primer introduces basic terminology and provides an overview of key issues to help you translate CSR activities into financial value.

Good Social Performance Pays Off for Companies


Building firm reputation through good CSR strategies can drive financial performance and improve your corporate perception on the market.

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