Understanding socially conscious consumerism means understanding the relationship between marketers and consumers. Some marketers have collectively created a culture of materialism through planned obsolescence and consumer dissatisfaction. But there is a growing realization that such behaviour is no longer sustainable. Other businesses have been highly innovative, developing and launching more sustainable products and services. Learn more about the supply and demand side of socially conscious consumerism.

“The Socially Conscious Consumerism report helped inform our green marketing practices and our green governance. We’re using it to evaluate which green programs to actively promote – and how.”

- Andrew Wilczyski, Manager, Corporate Social responsibility, TELUS

The Latest From the Socially Conscious Consumerism Blog

Socially Conscious Consumerism Blog

Systematic Review: Socially Conscious Consumerism


Download(s): Systematic Review

This systematic review synthesizes 30 years’ research research on socially conscious consumerism, and helps business understand customer behaviour.

Executive Report: Socially Conscious Consumerism


Download(s): Executive Report

This executive report summarizes 30 years’ research on socially conscious consumerism, and will help businesses understand customer behaviour.

Make the Case for Business Sustainability


NBS makes leading research on business sustainability publicly available to professionals. This online portal makes things even easier.

Three Tips for Profiting from CSR Activities


If your firm is struggling to justify its sustainable activities, you’d better keep at least one aspect in good standing: your behaviour.

Simplifying Complexity: The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014


Download(s): 2014 Challenges Report

This report points to critical sustainability issues, providing signposts to best practices and knowledge, to enable long-term success of Canadian business.

Industry Lessons on Food Waste: Sell Ugly Carrots (and Four More Tactics)


Take a lesson from a baby carrot – and capitalize on food waste reduction by adopting these strategies.

Everyone Else is Doing It


Marketers can more effectively promote sustainable decision-making by telling their audiences about the sustainable actions of others.

Top 10 Sustainability Research Findings


Want to start 2014 with a win? Make better business decisions immediately with our list of the 10 most popular research findings of the past year.

SME Sustainability Challenges 2013


Download(s): SME Challenges Report 2013

For the second consecutive year, this report identifies SME-specific challenges, while highlighting the contributions of small firms towards sustainability. This year, NBS’s SME Council brought… Read More

Why the Ethical iPod is a Branding Mistake


Ethical luxury cannot be branded in a fiscal quarter.

Money Motivates Behaviour Change


Companies can change people’s behaviours in order to benefit society and the environment – it’s just a matter of knowing how to do it. NBS’s… Read More

The Power of “Good Enough”


Firms in developed economies should watch for systems-changing innovations happening elsewhere.

The Value of Vision


Download(s): South African Challenges Report

A group of South African business leaders met in July 2013 to identify the most pressing challenges their organizations face in achieving sustainable development –… Read More

Six Ways to Get Customers to Buy Green


How Do Green Products Pay? Customers will pay up to 5 to 10 per cent more for responsible products or services if function and quality remain the… Read More

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