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93 percent of CEOs see sustainability as important to their company’s future success. Yet, most do not know how to embed sustainability into their company. Within this section, find research and resources that help business leaders and managers build sustainability into their day-to-day operations.

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If the Boss Doesn’t Steal Pens, Employees Won’t Either

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According to new research, employees are more likely to behave ethically if their bosses do. The research, published in the Academy of Management Journal, shows […] ... Read More »

Organizational Culture

Systematic Review: Organizational Culture

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This systematic review synthesizes the entire body of research on organizational culture. ... Read More »

Executive Report: Organizational Culture

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This report designed for executives and senior HR managers represents a framework for embedding sustainability in organizational culture. ... Read More »

The Social Economy: From IT to the Circus, Building Community and Commerce

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“Social economy.” It’s a term we increasingly hear in media, business and certainly the academic sphere. Yet, its meaning is not always clear.  Social economy […] ... Read More »

Pay Inequality Among Social Enterpreneurs?

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When it comes to gender pay gaps, the injustice may be clear but the causes aren’t always. Discrimination is often identified as the cause of […] ... Read More »
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