How can organizations build durable, enduring cultures of sustainability?

Sustainability initiatives are often led by a few key individuals - and typically people in leadership positions. What happens to the company's sustainability culture when those key individuals leave?

NBS conducted a systematic review of the world's best management research to determine how companies embed sustainability in their corporate cultures. The resulting report is a how-to-guide for executives that answers the following questions:

  • What tools or practical devices help embed sustainability in organizational culture (e.g. organizational design, incentives systems, etc)?
  • Which of these practices are most effective? What is the relationship between them?
  • What can be learned from the safety movement, which is now a core element of most extractive and manufacturing firms' corporate cultures?
  • How can we measure our progress towards a culture of sustainability?

Read Stephanie Bertels' new report Embedding Sustainability into the Culture of Municipal Government, which promises to help municipal change agents advance sustainability in their organizations and become role models for others in the community.

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Systematic Review: Organizational Culture


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93% of CEOs see sustainability as key to business success. Here, NBS presents a comprehensive framework to embed sustainability into corporate culture.

Executive Report: Organizational Culture


Download(s): Executive Report

NBS presents a framework of best practices and tools to help managers embed sustainability into their corporate culture and incite meaningful change.

What We Know About Change Is Wrong


Researchers have uncovered an exciting path forward for many organizations – one that upends common assumptions about organizational change.

The Theory of Creativity


Research suggests political correctness positively affects workplace creativity by sharpening an individual’s contribution to a group.

The Challenge of Change


Using the example of 3M and its implementation of Sigma Six policies, researchers investigate how corporate culture can ultimately be reshaped.

The Social Economy: From IT to the Circus, Building Community and Commerce


“Social economy.” It’s a term we increasingly hear in media, business and certainly the academic sphere. Yet, its meaning is not always clear.  Social economy… Read More

Pay Inequality Among Social Enterpreneurs?


Research suggests that even when women get the opportunity to dictate their own pay—such as within their own social enterprises—they still settle for less.

Big Picture B Corps


The rise of certified Latin American B Corps is noteworthy. Sistema B wants to help these southern B Corps achieve scale and impact.

Latin American B Corp Sustainability Challenges 2015


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With about 150 certified B Corps across six countries, the continent is the fastest growing B Corp region outside of North America.

Chilean Business Sustainability Challenges 2015


Download(s): 2015 Chilean Challenges Report

As Chile’s economy progresses, the need to address pressing sustainability issues becomes greater. Our economy largely depends on the exploitation of natural resources. History says… Read More

Pathways to Change


Download(s): ...

This report identifies eight key challenges facing South African managers and opportunities for researchers to contribute implementable guidance.

Game of Loans


High performance teams often face opposing management strategies. Rodrigo Canales explores pros and cons of management strategies in microfinance.

Make the Case for Business Sustainability


NBS makes leading research on business sustainability publicly available to professionals. This online portal makes things even easier.

Culture 2.0: Four Ways to Make Sustainability Part of Everyday Practice


NBS’s Embedding Sustainability Working Group reveals four key lessons on how to successfully embed sustainability into your organizational culture.

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