Research on climate change adaptation focuses on strategic and operational responses to carbon management and reduction and changing climate patterns. While there is a great deal of literature examining business and climate change issues, the number of research articles explicitly examining how businesses actually adapt to climate change is surprisingly small.

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Climate Change Blog

Systematic Review: Climate Change


Download(s): Systematic Review

This systematic review points to risks and opportunities for many leading sectors dealing with climate change.

Briefing Note: Climate Change Adaptation


Download(s): Briefing Note

Climate change is a business issue. Here are four reasons why adapting to a changing climate should be on every executive’s radar.

How an Innovative Insurance Product Helps Clients Weather Climate Change


By the nature of its business, Canadian insurer, The Co-operators, is acutely aware of climate change impacts. Here’s how it helps communities prepare.

Bending, not Breaking, with Climate Change


Accountants are more than bean counters. At Horizon Utilities, they are leaders on climate change adaptation.

MEC’s Data-Driven Sustainability Strategy


Accountants play a core role in climate change adaptation. They provide analysis to underpin key decisions, adding substance to sustainability discussions.

Putting Climate Change on the Books 


At TransLink, finance is responsible for sustainability. Sustainability efforts such as climate change adaptation are embedded throughout the organization.

Climate Change Finance Frontiers


Learn how Frontiers North Adventures, a Canadian travel company, identified the risks and looked for opportunities in the face of climate change.

On the Frontline of Climate Change


This Canadian travel company has a two-part climate change adaptation strategy: (1) operational optimization and (2) identification of future opportunities.

Recognizing Potential: The 7 Sustainability Opportunities for Canadian Business in 2015


Download(s): 2015 Opportunities Report

This report signals a shift in our perception of the role sustainability plays in Canadian business.

Start Here


Download(s): Start Here Guide

Sustainability frameworks are useful tools. They provide clarity on risks and responsibilities, and often kick-start a company’s sustainability strategy. But, it can be a challenge… Read More

Climate Change Innovation: 5 Recommendations


Dr. Ann Dale and Rob Newell of Royal Roads University provide five tips for companies seeking innovative ways to address climate change.

Markets Punish Pollution Control in the Electricity Industry


A study of 36 publicly-traded utilities reveals buying emissions permits is more profitable for companies than reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Weathering the Storm: 4 Steps to Prepare your Company for Climate Change


Learn four steps your business can take to prepare for an era of extreme climate and weather events.

Top 10 CSR Research Findings of 2012


From green logistics to employee ethics, NBS present 2012’s most popular Research Insights.

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