Research on climate change adaptation focuses on strategic and operational responses to carbon management and reduction and changing climate patterns. While there is a great deal of literature examining business and climate change issues, the number of research articles explicitly examining how businesses actually adapt to climate change is surprisingly small.

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Climate Change Blog

Systematic Review: Climate Change


Download(s): Systematic Review

This systematic review points to risks and opportunities for many leading sectors dealing with climate change.

Briefing Note: Climate Change Adaptation


Download(s): Briefing Note

Climate change is a business issue. Here are four reasons why adapting to a changing climate should be on every executive’s radar.

Top 5 Insights from CSR Thought Leaders


Explore 2012’s most popular Thought Leader posts.

The 5 Practices of Visionary Companies


What do a tire company, yogurt company, and luxury goods producer have in common? Five practices to reduce waste, improve reputation, and increase revenues.

3 Ways SMEs can Tackle ISO 14001


Research proposes three ways small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can tackle ISO 14001 certification.

Investors Reward Environmental Results – Not Targets


Firms that take tangible action to improve sustainability generate greater investor interest than companies that simply set targets.

Summary Report: Business Adaptation to Climate Change


Download(s): Summary Report

When uncertainty exists, the tendency is to do nothing. Avoid the paralysis of inaction that will leave your firm unprepared for extreme climate events.

Investors Need Better Data, Not More


Data quality needs to improve. But carbon disclosure and reporting continues to attract attention from the public, media, government, and business alike.

Primer: Climate Change


Download(s): Primer

The primer is designed for professionals with limited experience in CSR who want to learn about the effects of climate change on business.

Deregulation Lets Companies Better Serve Green Consumers


Research shows that deregulation offers competitive advantage and increases green power in the U.S. electrical utility industry.

Shared-Savings Contracts Benefit the Environment and the Bottom Line


Research shows that shared-savings contracts between suppliers and buyers can help the environment and drive higher profitability.

Adapt Your Climate Strategy to Stay Competitive


How can oil companies best respond to global competition and climate change? Keep up with competition by adapting your climate change strategy.

Firm Responses to Climate Change are Inconsistent


Businesses are increasing responses to climate change, yet CO2 emissions continue to rise. Your firm doesn’t need to follow this trend.

Get Involved Early in Emissions Trading Talks


Firms can benefit from considering their role in emissions trading early to stay ahead of regulation and competition.

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