Research on climate change adaptation focuses on strategic and operational responses to carbon management and reduction and changing climate patterns. While there is a great deal of literature examining business and climate change issues, the number of research articles explicitly examining how businesses actually adapt to climate change is surprisingly small.

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Climate Change Blog

Systematic Review: Climate Change


Download(s): Systematic Review

This systematic review points to risks and opportunities for many leading sectors dealing with climate change.

Briefing Note: Climate Change Adaptation


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Climate change is a business issue. Here are four reasons why adapting to a changing climate should be on every executive’s radar.

How to Measure Your Company’s Carbon Performance


These four indicators will help your business measure greenhouse gases across the value chain.

Reducing Emissions Helps Companies Stay Ahead


Researchers find policy and industry pressures motivate corporations to participate in the emissions market. Assess your company’s position in this market.

How Companies Vary in Climate Change Responses


Researchers contrast corporate responses to climate change in the UK and Pakistan. How does your firm’s response compare?

How to Develop Action-Oriented Climate Strategies


Emissions regulations are likely to increase. Multinational companies don’t need to wait; they can proactively respond by cutting emissions.

Shareholder Challenges Can Inspire Industry-Wide Changes


A study by Erin M. Reid and Michael W. Toffel suggests the challenges activists and governments mount against one firm can inspire industry-wide change.

How to Develop a Climate Change Plan


Managers can learn from different strategies when considering how to deal with climate change in their business.

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