How can government and industry create efficient and effective environmental policy?

Environmental policies have sweeping implications for business, citizens and the environment. Building policy is a complex process and there are numerous opportunities for things to go well – or poorly. Given this complexity, policy-makers face critical questions. How effective are different environmental policy instruments in achieving their objectives? How efficient are these instruments?

This research analyzes and distils the learnings from 204 academic articles and government reports to help policy-makers in government and industry create environmental policy that:

  • achieves its environmental goals
  • is cost effective
  • is relevant to those affected by these policies
  • demonstrates accountability to the public (where applicable)

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Environmental Policy Blog

Environmental Policy


Download(s): Systematic Review

This research synthesizes the evidence on building effective environmental policy and provides frameworks for policy makers and practitioners.

Environmental Policy


Download(s): Executive Report

Policy makers face critical and complex questions. This report is designed to help decision-makers develop and advise on environmental policy.

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