Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) can, and often do, embrace social, environmental and economic sustainability as part of their business operations even when it might not be named as such and can seem far removed from core activities. SME owner-managers are often keen to ensure a strong, positive legacy for their business, especially where the business is a family concern. Their smallness can actually be an advantage: owner-managers can strongly influence employee behaviour and a lack of formal management structures can make change easier. SMEs can also adapt quickly and agilely when it suits them, leaving them well-positioned to take advantage of new niche markets for products or services with socially responsible components. Find resources and information on sustainability and SMEs here.


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The Power of “Good Enough”


Firms in developed economies should watch for systems-changing innovations happening elsewhere.

How Going Green Can Help Your Business


Quick and easy changes in your small business can help you cut costs, increase revenues, keep great employees and build community goodwill. Why Go Green?… Read More

Top 10 CSR Research Findings of 2012


From green logistics to employee ethics, NBS present 2012’s most popular Research Insights.

A Guide for Retailers: Engaging Employees in “Going Green”


Download(s): Employee Engagement Guide with Retail Case Study

Managers in retail can use this guide to encourage employees to integrate environmental and social responsibility into day-to-day operations.

A Guide for Service Providers: Engaging Employees in “Going Green”


Download(s): Employee Engagement Guide with a Case Study for Service Providers

Learn how sustainability became the modus operandi for employees of the Montreal Alouettes football club.

A Guide for Manufacturers: Engaging Employees in “Going Green”


Download(s): Employee Engagement Guide

Learn how senior leaders at Artopex Inc., a Quebec-based furniture manufacturer, create a culture of sustainability.

3 Ways to Turn Sustainable Talk into Action


Download(s): Research Insight

Setting environmental targets is great, but the president’s commitment alone is insufficient to achieve them. New research from the French management journal Revue Gestion (“Management… Read More

Engaging Employees in Going Green


Download(s): Employee Engagement Guide

Discover ten ways to develop a workforce that values good business ethics and corporate responsibility.

Improving Community Relations


Download(s): Community Guide

Research shows companies can engage community groups in three main ways. This guide is based on more than 200 studies and is designed to help… Read More

Getting Neighbour Buy-In at the 50-Yard Line


How Canadian football team the Montreal Alouettes turned out the lights, turned down the volume and got more fans to the game

Partnering to Build Youth Job Skills


Case Study: Kal Tire Kal Tire, Canada’s largest independently owned tire dealer, was keen to establish a national partnership with a charitable organization. The right… Read More

SME Sustainability Challenges 2012


Download(s): Challenges Report

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) create more than 80 per cent of new jobs in Canada every year, but they also create 80 per cent… Read More

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