How can businesses help citizens become informed, inspired and engaged in a national dialogue about sustainability?

Greater progress on sustainability is needed and can be achieved through civic dialogue. Business historically has played little role in civic dialogues, but can make a major contribution. Civic dialogue can be an important tool for business, creating business value and complementing other forms of public engagement, such as stakeholder engagement and multi-sector partnerships.

Civic dialogues are facilitated discussions that build broad-based consensus and commitment around issues that are complex and controversial. Dialogues can involve citizens, businesses, governments and other organizations. They represent democratic change, establishing a mandate for action through citizen involvement.

Main Report: Civic Dialogues on Sustainability


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Conversations about sustainability need shared understanding to move from rhetoric to effective, collective action. Civic dialogue allows that to happen.

Executive Briefing: Civic Dialogues on Sustainability


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Solving sustainability challenges requires engaging society. This briefing identifies how both business and society can benefit from civic dialogue.

A Dialogue about Sustainability in Canada’s Railway Sector


Download(s): RAC Civic Dialogue Report

Railways are part of the Canadian identity. NBS civic dialogue research identified key issues for the Railway Association of Canada’s sustainability strategy.

Latin American B Corp Sustainability Challenges 2015


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With about 150 certified B Corps across six countries, the continent is the fastest growing B Corp region outside of North America.

Recognizing Potential: The 7 Sustainability Opportunities for Canadian Business in 2015


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This report signals a shift in our perception of the role sustainability plays in Canadian business.

Community Engagement Toolkit for Mining Companies


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Want to reduce the social risk of your operations? Build relationships not transactions.

Civic Dialogue


How to Launch a National Dialogue on Sustainability


Last year, NBS’s Leadership Council asked: How can businesses help Canadians become informed, inspired and engaged in a national dialogue about sustainability? “Canada succeeded in… Read More