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Collaborating with the Competition


NBS invites you to our upcoming breakfast forum and workshop, Collaborating with Competition, taking place on September 9, 2016 at Ivey’s Tangerine Leadership Centre in Toronto.

Competitor Collaboration Blog

Competitor Collaboration: An Assessment Tool to Advance Sustainability


Collaborations can be tense and complex. This tool responds to the question: How can managers improve competitor collaboration to advance sustainability.

Competitor Collaboration: A Guide for Managers to Advance Sustainability


This guide enables managers to make the case for competitor collaborations to colleagues or leaders, and determine satisfaction with current projects.

Competitor Collaboration


Pooling resources, intelligence, leadership, and common sustainability goals with other companies, even with competitors, can elevate the level of results.

Fashion Foes Form Alliance to Detox Manufacturing Process


For decades, a fashion powerhouse tried improving its supply chain. The more it did, the more it realized it could only be done collectively—as an industry.