How do you identify your stakeholders and then plan to engage them?

Successful community engagement involves complex decisions on who to engage with, how, and with what likely result. Based on an analysis of more than 200 academic and practitioner sources, here we suggest some ways of thinking about the “who”, “how” and “why” of community engagement.

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Systematic Review: Stakeholder Engagement


Download(s): Systematic Review

This systematic review synthesizes the entire body of research on stakeholder engagement.

Executive Report: Stakeholder Engagement


Download(s): Executive Report ...

This report is designed to help executives and directors in community and public relations identify and develop a strong strategy for engaging with their community.

Reducing Turnover with Participatory Design


The Chilean city of Antofagasta is using participatory design to work with companies and government to create a community people want to live in.

Urban Development for Mining Communities


Mining firms, government, and the Chilean community of Calama collaborate to develop a sustainable urban development plan.

Practice Makes Perfect


New research places business leaders at the centre of management innovation, providing inspiration for researchers and leadership for fellow practitioners.

The Social Economy: From IT to the Circus, Building Community and Commerce


“Social economy.” It’s a term we increasingly hear in media, business and certainly the academic sphere. Yet, its meaning is not always clear.  Social economy… Read More

House of Culture & Convergence


In the late 90s, Cirque du Soleil, En Piste and the National Circus School wanted to create a platform for circus arts. As key organizations… Read More

Pay It Forward


Burdened by unsustainable business models of the past, future leaders and entrepreneurs will need to re-invent what it means to succeed. That can’t happen, however,… Read More

Latin American B Corp Sustainability Challenges 2015


Download(s): B Corp Report

To explore challenges facing B Corps, NBS gathered 22 Empresas B from Chile, Argentina and Colombia to form the first Latin American B Corp council.

Chilean Business Sustainability Challenges 2015


Download(s): 2015 Chilean Challenges Report

As Chile’s economy progresses, the need to address pressing sustainability issues becomes greater. Our economy largely depends on the exploitation of natural resources. History says… Read More

The 7 Sustainability Opportunities for Canadian Business in 2015


Download(s): 2015 Canadian Opportunities Report

Canadian businesses play a critical role in building resilient economies and communities. This report highlights opportunities for business to take decisive action towards positive change…. Read More

Sustainability in 140 Characters?


Corporate stewardship was in vogue in the 80s and 90s. Companies strived to be seen as protectors of environmental and social good. But stewardship can… Read More

The Goldilocks Principle


No company can function independently from the community in which it operates. This is especially true for small businesses. What’s more, a mutually supportive company-community… Read More

Make the Case for Business Sustainability


NBS makes leading research on business sustainability publicly available to professionals. This latest portal makes things even easier.

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