How do you identify your stakeholders and then plan to engage them?

Successful community engagement involves complex decisions on who to engage with, how, and with what likely result. Based on an analysis of more than 200 academic and practitioner sources, here we suggest some ways of thinking about the “who”, “how” and “why” of community engagement.

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Systematic Review: Engaging the Community


Download(s): Systematic Review

Community engagement can offer firms and communities vital benefits. This research identifies what we know about how to achieve them.

Executive Briefing: Engaging the Community


Download(s): Executive Briefing ...

Truly effective community engagement involves complex decisions about who to work with (or through), how to engage, and what likely result to achieve.

Engage Your Community Stakeholders: An Introductory Guide for Businesses


Download(s): Community Engagement Guide

A systematic approach to stakeholder engagement, like the one outlined in this guide, can bring genuine business benefits.

Collaborative Community Development: A Guide for Managers


Download(s): ...

Apply collaborative community development to boost the social legitimacy of your firm and drive regional sustainability in communities where you operate.

NBS’s Working Session on Civic Dialogue


Civic dialogue was identified by the NBS Leadership Council as an important pathway to sustainability (see 2013 Challenges Report). NBS, working with researcher Dr. Tom Webler, is developing resources… Read More

The Value of Vision


Download(s): South African Challenges Report

A group of South African business leaders met in July 2013 to identify the most pressing challenges their organizations face in achieving sustainable development –… Read More

Finding the Smart Mobs Before They Find You


Differentiating products and lowering prices isn’t enough. Maintaining a competitive edge involves your firm’s ability to partner up and change status quo.

How Business Can Engage the Public in Sustainability Through Civic Dialogue


As an engineer, Tom Webler knew how materials would respond to certain conditions. As a sociologist, he is dedicated to involving citizens in public policy.

Building Sustainability Through Civic Dialogue


In 2013, NBS’s Leadership Council identified civic dialogue as critical to sustainability. Civic dialogues are organized conversations that allow for joint learning, persuasion and consensus-building…. Read More

Seven Secrets of Family-Owned Firms


Family firms have stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and community partners than their publicly-traded counterparts. As CSR activities become increasingly important to your company, you may… Read More

The Growing Authority of Indigenous Communities (And What it Means for Companies)


NBS regularly spotlights key sustainability issues for business leaders. These issues have been identified by NBS’s Leadership Council, a group of Canadian businesses recognized for… Read More

10 Costly Mistakes of CSR Reporting


CSR reporting has become the norm for any company committed to responsible business practice. But, when done incorrectly, reporting can do more harm than good…. Read More

3 Ways to Turn Sustainable Talk into Action


Download(s): Research Insight

Setting environmental targets is great, but the president’s commitment alone is insufficient to achieve them. New research from the French management journal Revue Gestion (“Management… Read More

Improving Community Relations


Download(s): Community Guide

Research shows companies can engage community groups in three main ways. This guide is based on more than 200 studies and is designed to help… Read More

Getting Neighbour Buy-In at the 50-Yard Line


How Canadian football team the Montreal Alouettes turned out the lights, turned down the volume and got more fans to the game

Partnering to Build Youth Job Skills


Case Study: Kal Tire Kal Tire, Canada’s largest independently owned tire dealer, was keen to establish a national partnership with a charitable organization. The right… Read More

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