What best practices enable firms to collaborate with other organizations to advance sustainable business?

NBS's latest reports provide explicit guidance on how to select the right partner, how to manage the partnership process, and includes a toolkit complete with a partnership checklist and case studies.

Led by Dr. Barbara Gray of Pennsylvania State University, the research is a direct response to the Top 10 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2013 identified by the NBS Leadership Council – a group of 18 organizations representing major sectors in the Canadian economy and recognized for leadership in sustainability.

In addition to the ready-to-use tools, the research helps classify and navigate different types of partnerships to help partners elicit the greatest mutual benefit. The focus on multi-sector partnerships also ensures applicability for any type of partnership.

Sustainability through Partnerships: A Systematic Review


Download(s): Systematic Review

Barbara Gray and Jenna Stites reviewed more than 275 publications to develop a model of four factors affecting outcomes of multi-sector partnerships.

Executive Report: Sustainability through Partnerships


Download(s): Executive Report

Sustainability is a global problem with no single solution. Collaborative partnerships may be the key to tackling sustainability challenges going forward.

Greening Blue Jeans: Insights from a New Competitor Collaboration


A team of rivals is making the denim industry more sustainable. NBS research guides their collaboration.

For Better or Worse: Four Tips for Successful Partnerships with NGOs


Make your partnership win-win rather than lose-lose.

Fashion Foes Form Alliance to Detox Manufacturing Process


For decades, a fashion powerhouse tried improving its supply chain. The more it did, the more it realized it could only be done collectively—as an industry.

Better Late! Than Never


Late! operates just like any other business; the difference is that all profits are devoted entirely to social projects.

Good is the New Black


Animaná connects those at the start of the value chain—artisans, weavers, small-scale farmers—to those to those at the end—designers, companies, consumers.

Latin American B Corp Sustainability Challenges 2015


Download(s): B Corp Report

With about 150 certified B Corps across six countries, the continent is the fastest growing B Corp region outside of North America.

Chilean Business Sustainability Challenges 2015


Download(s): 2015 Chilean Challenges Report

As Chile’s economy progresses, the need to address pressing sustainability issues becomes greater. Our economy largely depends on the exploitation of natural resources. History says… Read More

Recognizing Potential: The 7 Sustainability Opportunities for Canadian Business in 2015


Download(s): 2015 Opportunities Report

This report signals a shift in our perception of the role sustainability plays in Canadian business.

How the Making of a Mega-City Prompted Partnerships for Sustainability


Download(s): Case Study

Boundaries of the mega-city have come and gone, but Montreal’s sustainable community plan (SCP) prompted by the agglomeration demonstrates continuity.

How Collaboration Ended the “War in the Woods”


Multi-sector partnerships can help solve complex sustainability issues. This one resolved a decades-long conflict in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.

Sustainability Inspires Innovative Approaches to Making Money


New research from MIT suggests three things your company can do to generate profit from sustainability activities. Findings are based on a 2012 survey conducted… Read More

Simplifying Complexity: The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014


Download(s): 2014 Challenges Report

This report points to critical sustainability issues, providing signposts to best practices and knowledge, to enable long-term success of Canadian business.

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