What best practices enable firms to collaborate with other organizations to advance sustainable business?

NBS's latest reports provide explicit guidance on how to select the right partner, how to manage the partnership process, and includes a toolkit complete with a partnership checklist and case studies.

Led by Dr. Barbara Gray of Pennsylvania State University, the research is a direct response to the Top 10 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2013 identified by the NBS Leadership Council – a group of 18 organizations representing major sectors in the Canadian economy and recognized for leadership in sustainability.

In addition to the ready-to-use tools, the research helps classify and navigate different types of partnerships to help partners elicit the greatest mutual benefit. The focus on multi-sector partnerships also ensures applicability for any type of partnership.

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Partnerships Blog

Sustainability through Partnerships: A Systematic Review


Download(s): Systematic Review

Barbara Gray and Jenna Stites reviewed more than 275 publications to develop a model of four factors affecting outcomes of multi-sector partnerships.

Executive Report: Sustainability through Partnerships


Download(s): Executive Report

Sustainability is a global problem with no single solution. Collaborative partnerships may be the key to tackling sustainability challenges going forward.

Why Hire a Sustainability Graduate?


Research suggests sustainability programs build many competencies in students that valuable to prospective employers.

Transform Conflict Into Collaboration


In 1996, Greenpeace prompted a consumer boycott of products with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in their packaging. The campaign exposed possible dangers of PVC and put… Read More

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