Business sustainability is often seen as managing the triple bottom line of corporate environmental, social and financial performance. This view is a translation of the World Commission on Environment and Development's conception of sustainable development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. NBS takes a "systems" approach to sustainability. We see business sustainability as resilient businesses that create economic value, healthy ecosystems and strong communities.

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How Does Philanthropy Pay?


How Does Philanthropy Pay? Companies in retail and financial services saw increases of $6 in sales for every $1 donated through corporate charity. How Does My Company… Read More

The Value of Vision


Download(s): South African Challenges Report

A group of South African business leaders met in July 2013 to identify the most pressing challenges their organizations face in achieving sustainable development –… Read More

Sustainable Marketing vs. Hard-Wired Human Behaviour


Researchers believe ecologically harmful human tendencies may be hard-wired, but strategic marketing can mitigate our bad behaviour.

How Business Can Engage the Public in Sustainability Through Civic Dialogue


As an engineer, Tom Webler knew how materials would respond to certain conditions. As a sociologist, he is dedicated to involving citizens in public policy.

How to Drive Innovation


Download(s): How to Drive Innovation: Guide & Worksheets

Based on decades of top academic and industry research, this small business guide answers the question: How can companies innovate to become sustainable?

How to Design Sustainable Products


Use the following eight strategies to design products and services that are more environmentally and socially responsible.

Building Public Trust, One Board Member at a Time


This article is part of a series examining how business leaders are driving real change by working with their industry associations to develop industry-wide sustainability… Read More

Bringing Courtrooms Online for Speedier Justice


The Justice Video Network processes approximately 135,000 accused criminals per year, minimizing travel costs and GHG emissions.

Seven Secrets of Family-Owned Firms


Family firms have stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and community partners than their publicly-traded counterparts. As CSR activities become increasingly important to your company, you may… Read More

10 Costly Mistakes of CSR Reporting


CSR reporting has become the norm for any company committed to responsible business practice. But, when done incorrectly, reporting can do more harm than good…. Read More

93 Per Cent of Your Supply Chain is Invisible


Most companies have a hidden supply chain, thanks to complexities of global business. Here’s why they’re still responsible and what they can do about it.

The Dirty Side of Green Leasing


Leasing can be a route to sustainability – or to greenwashing. This research suggests when to lease, buy, and retire products.

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