How can we encourage individuals in organizations to make more sustainable choices?

Many decisions individuals make – from what food to buy to how much energy to use – involve sustainability related tradeoffs. Organizations, too, make sustainability decisions. Some decisions, such as where to site a new facility or how to manage a natural resource, can involve a range of interests and criteria and have significant implications for profits, the environment and society. To gain insight into how individuals can make better decisions, NBS conducted a systematic review of 207 articles from more than 60 years. The resulting report is designed to help individuals understand how they and their organizations can improve their decision-making processes to reach more sustainable outcomes.

  • How do individuals make decisions regarding social and environmental issues?
  • How can these individuals and organizations overcome inherent biases in the decision-making process?
  • Which tools are available to help individuals reach the sustainable outcome?

Watch the webinar which presented the results of the Decision-making for Sustainability Systematic Review.


Systematic Review: Decision-Making for Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

This report covers over 60 years and 207 studies on decision-making for sustainability.

Executive Report: Decision-Making for Sustainability


Download(s): Executive Report ...

This report is designed to help business leaders, managers, and policy-makers improve their decision-making process to reach more sustainable outcomes.

The Value of Vision


Download(s): South African Challenges Report

A group of South African business leaders met in July 2013 to identify the most pressing challenges their organizations face in achieving sustainable development –… Read More

How Business Can Engage the Public in Sustainability Through Civic Dialogue


As an engineer, Tom Webler knew how materials would respond to certain conditions. As a sociologist, he is dedicated to involving citizens in public policy.

Decision-Making Webinar April 10, 2012


Joe Arvai outlines decision-making models and explains how people actually make their choices – including the short cuts people make.

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