How can innovation drive sustainability within companies?

Innovation is a key driver of competitiveness. It helps firms develop new products and processes while improving environmental and social impacts. NBS's new report provides a framework and best practices to help companies' “sustainability-oriented innovation” (SOI).

The report reveals how sustainability innovation is different from conventional innovation, identifies the stages of innovation companies move through on their journey toward sustainability, and pinpoints the specific practices that will enhance firms’ sustainability performance.

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Systematic Review: Innovating for Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

Research on sustainability innovation by Richard Adams reveals three stages: operational optimization, organizational transformation, and systems building.

Executive Report: Innovating for Sustainability


Download(s): Executive Report ...

What innovation activities help companies become sustainable? This report outlines 38 innovation practices that drive sustainability.

Top 10 Sustainability Research Findings


Want to start 2014 with a win? Make better business decisions immediately with our list of the 10 most popular research findings of the past year.

Regulation Can Change the Way You Innovate


Following oil spills like the Exxon Valdez, new environmental regulations drove the fastest changes in oil tanker design the industry had ever seen.

Baking Sustainability into their Business Model


Believing the environment was also a company responsibility, Stonemill Bakehouse president grew the company’s own ingredients locally to cut emissions.

The Power of “Good Enough”


Firms in developed economies should watch for systems-changing innovations happening elsewhere.

Finding the Smart Mobs Before They Find You


Differentiating products and lowering prices isn’t enough. Maintaining a competitive edge involves your firm’s ability to partner up and change status quo.

How to Drive Innovation


Download(s): How to Drive Innovation: Guide & Worksheets

Based on decades of top academic and industry research, this small business guide answers the question: How can companies innovate to become sustainable?

How to Design Sustainable Products


Use the following eight strategies to design products and services that are more environmentally and socially responsible.

Bringing Courtrooms Online for Speedier Justice


The Justice Video Network processes approximately 135,000 accused criminals per year, minimizing travel costs and GHG emissions.

Innovating for Sustainability Webinar


Dr. Richard Adams shares his sustainability-oriented innovation framework and Carol Patterson describes closed loop recycling at Tim Hortons.

To Drive Innovation, Broaden Your Network


Charged with fostering innovation in your firm? Start by broadening your network and collaborating with unconventional partners.

Powering a Paper Mill with Garbage


Learn how a paper manufacturer reduced GHG emissions by more than 40% – with a two-year payback period on its initiative.

5 Rules for Becoming a CSR Leader


For your company to be a sustainability leader, you need sustainability leadership inside your organization. NBS reviewed the best management research from around the world… Read More

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