How can innovation drive sustainability within companies?

Innovation is a key driver of competitiveness. It helps firms develop new products and processes while improving environmental and social impacts. NBS's new report provides a framework and best practices to help companies' “sustainability-oriented innovation” (SOI).

The report reveals how sustainability innovation is different from conventional innovation, identifies the stages of innovation companies move through on their journey toward sustainability, and pinpoints the specific practices that will enhance firms’ sustainability performance.

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Systematic Review: Innovating for Sustainability


Download(s): Systematic Review

Research on sustainability innovation by Richard Adams reveals three stages: operational optimization, organizational transformation, and systems building.

Executive Report: Innovating for Sustainability


Download(s): Executive Report ...

What innovation activities help companies become sustainable? This report outlines 38 innovation practices that drive sustainability.

To Drive Innovation, Broaden Your Network


Charged with fostering innovation in your firm? Start by broadening your network and collaborating with unconventional partners.

Powering a Paper Mill with Garbage


Learn how a paper manufacturer reduced GHG emissions by more than 40% – with a two-year payback period on its initiative.

5 Rules for Becoming a CSR Leader


For your company to be a sustainability leader, you need sustainability leadership inside your organization. NBS reviewed the best management research from around the world… Read More

Top 10 CSR Research Findings of 2012


From green logistics to employee ethics, NBS present 2012’s most popular Research Insights.

Top 5 Insights from CSR Thought Leaders


Explore 2012’s most popular Thought Leader posts.

The 5 Practices of Visionary Companies


What do a tire company, yogurt company, and luxury goods producer have in common? Five practices to reduce waste, improve reputation, and increase revenues.

Innovating for Sustainability Forum


Tima Bansal reveals preliminary findings from management researcher Richard Adams on sustainability-oriented innovation and outlines its three stages.

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