How can firms advance sustainable business by incorporating long-term impacts of actions in today’s decisions? Corporate short-termism is one of the most significant issues confronting both business and society today. Short-term action offers quick wins, while long-term action offers lasting success and sustainability. Businesses must take both kinds of action — but too often, they prioritize the short term.

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Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World


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This report provides a three-step process to balance short and long-term actions, cases, common obstacles to long-term action and ways to overcome them.

Bringing Long-Term Thinking into Business


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This NBS research outlines factors affecting short and long-term thinking in business, respective impacts, and remaining research needs.

Bending, not Breaking, with Climate Change


Accountants are more than bean counters. At Horizon Utilities, they are leaders on climate change adaptation.

MEC’s Data-Driven Sustainability Strategy


MEC accountants play a core role in climate change adaptation. They provide analysis to underpin key decisions, adding substance to sustainability discussions.

Ease the Transition to Sustainability


The following is an excerpt from “Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World.” In the early 1990’s, chemical company BASF decided to stop producing several plastic products…. Read More

Future-Proof Your Company


The following is an excerpt from “Long-Term Thinking in a Short-Term World.” Long-term thinking is catching on. On 26 November 2010, Unilever announced that it would… Read More

Smart Investing for a Better Society


Poverty alleviation is increasingly about investing “patient” capital in promising individuals with powerful ideas. And, it’s tied to economic growth.

Risky Business


Environmentally risky firms must pay higher interest rates to banks and higher returns to shareholders

Putting Climate Change on the Books 


Accountants are vital to helping organizations account and prepare for climate change. At TransLink, the finance team has responsibility for sustainability. At other organizations, finance teams may be new to the topic. Staff at TransLink offer their advice.

Climate Change Finance Frontiers


Learn how FNA identified the risks and looked for opportunities in the face of climate change.

On the Frontline of Climate Change


When Jennifer Ash, CMA, arrived at the office one Monday morning in the fall of 2014, her boss, John Gunter, shared the news he had… Read More

Better Late! Than Never


Great minds think alike. Right? Though seemingly exclusive, business strategies and social initiatives often emerge from a combined process. This crucial understanding helped form Late!, first… Read More

Pay It Forward


Burdened by unsustainable business models of the past, future leaders and entrepreneurs will need to re-invent what it means to succeed. That can’t happen, however,… Read More

The Basics of Long-Termism in a
Short-Term World


Download(s): Long-Termism Primer

Use this primer to introduce your colleagues and industry peers to the topic of long-term thinking or simply familiarize yourself with long-termism basics.