Supply chain disruptions can be devastating for operations and share price. But companies can better manage their global supply chains to leverage opportunities and mitigate risk. Learn how to identify gaps in your current program and implement new practices and strategies to improve performance and resilience of your supply chain.

“The Supply Chain systematic review will help companies that are keen to address product quality challenges, decrease compliance issues, and manage risks associated with overseas suppliers.”

- John D. Coyne, Vice President, Legal and External Affairs, Unilever Canada Inc

Systematic Review: Sustainable Global Supply Chains


Download(s): Systematic Review

NBS outlines a framework and best practices for supply chain management based on 25 years worth of academic and industry resources.

Executive Report: Sustainable Global Supply Chains


Download(s): Executive Report

Designed for executives and senior supply chain, purchasing and sustainability managers, NBS presents a 3-step framework for sustainable supply chains.

For Better Factory Audits, Manage Bias (And Send Women)


All audit teams aren’t equal. Four actions can make yours more effective.

Use Life Cycle Assessment to Map Your Organization’s Future


Maps help us make sense of our complex world. LCAs can do the same for your business.

Fashion Foes Form Alliance to Detox Manufacturing Process


For decades, a fashion powerhouse tried improving its supply chain. The more it did, the more it realized it could only be done collectively—as an industry.

Good is the New Black


Animaná connects those at the start of the value chain—artisans, weavers, small-scale farmers—to those to those at the end—designers, companies, consumers.

$27 Billion in Food is Wasted in Canada


Turn food waste into a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Make the Case for Business Sustainability


NBS makes leading research on business sustainability publicly available to professionals. This online portal makes things even easier.

Six Tips to Help SMEs with Ecodesign


In small businesses, size and flat hierarchies make ecodesign changes easier to implement.

Community Engagement Toolkit for Mining Companies


Download(s): Community Engagement Toolkit

Want to reduce the social risk of your operations? Build relationships not transactions.

Simplifying Complexity: The 8 Sustainability Challenges for Canadian Business in 2014


Download(s): 2014 Challenges Report

This report points to critical sustainability issues, providing signposts to best practices and knowledge, to enable long-term success of Canadian business.

Top 10 Sustainability Research Findings


Want to start 2014 with a win? Make better business decisions immediately with our list of the 10 most popular research findings of the past year.

The Value of Vision


Download(s): South African Challenges Report

A group of South African business leaders met in July 2013 to identify the most pressing challenges their organizations face in achieving sustainable development –… Read More

How to Design Sustainable Products


Use the following eight strategies to design products and services that are more environmentally and socially responsible.

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