A Dialogue about Sustainability in Canada’s Railway Sector

Railways are part of the Canadian identity. Civic dialogue identified key issues for the Railway Association of Canada’s new sustainability strategy.

In 2014, NBS released its report on civic dialogue. The report described how businesses can support national dialogues on sustainability. The Railway Association of Canada (RAC), a member of NBS’s Industry Association Council, asked NBS to arrange a dialogue on sustainability specific to Canada’s railway sector. Dr. Thomas Webler, author of the original report, facilitated a one-day session with representatives of non-governmental organizations and academia.

The session built on the NBS civic dialogue research, implementing report recommendations. The result? A rich discussion and a strong foundation for the RAC’s evolving sustainability plan.

“Railways are part of the Canadian identity. Yet, I don’t think Canadians have always appreciated how railways contribute to who we are. We need to go from having them be part of our landscape to really defining who we are.”

Tima Bansal, NBS Executive Director

NBS welcomed the opportunity to take its civic dialogue work from research to practice. The RAC will seek to further enhance the positive impact of Canada’s railways. The resulting report will support the RAC’s future sustainability strategy.


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