Academic Research Centre Builds Capacity for CSR

Are you interested in assessing your current sustainability initiatives and comparing them against other companies? Are you considering a major sustainability initiative and want help building capacity? The Global Organizational Learning and Development Network (GOLDEN) may be able to help. Led by management professor Maurizio Zollo of Bocconi University in Milan, GOLDEN is a network of academics and business school research centres that partner with corporations and other stakeholders to help business become sustainable.

GOLDEN helps companies assess their current activities; benchmarks those activities against industry peers; identifies opportunities for change or growth; and helps build companies’ capacity for change. They are establishing “labs” to build corporate capacity for sustainability at the individual, enterprise and ecosystem level. Like NBS, GOLDEN is interested in helping companies implement sustainability initiatives that are seamless extensions of strategic goals.

For more information about costs and partnership opportunities contact Program Director Frank Brueck :

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