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August 2022: Network News


Use the Arts to Advance Business Sustainability

Art and music can spark imagination, drive emotion, and create meaning. Businesses can use this power to advance sustainability.

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Songs of Action: “Imagine” & “What a Wonderful World”

NBS Senior Associate Abby Litchfield sings two songs that have been used to advocate for social and environmental change.

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Share Your Arts Inspiration

Do the arts inspire your sustainability work? Share what the arts mean to you. We’ll draft a future article with your ideas.

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Opportunities and Announcements

Share information about business sustainability opportunities on NBS’s discussion forum.


Online Courses

Courses from credible institutions help you stay on top of the sustainability info you need. Emeritus curates virtual learning opportunities from universities around the globe, and NBS profiles the relevant sustainability courses. The NBS community can access a 10% discount on these courses. Reply to this email for details!

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The Network for Business Sustainability is a nonprofit connecting researchers and decision-makers to advance sustainability. Network News shares the latest insights to shape your sustainability thinking—and action. 

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