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September 2023: Network News


Indigenous Economic Development is Sustainable Economic Development

Indigenous insights show how to advance all forms of development, from the economic to the social. A project in Aotearoa/New Zealand shares lessons.

By Jesse Pirini and Stephen Cummings
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Saving Humanity Requires Questioning Our Beliefs

Being aware of our unconscious beliefs gives us new opportunities to behave sustainably. A business scholar and a parenting coach explain.

By NBS Director Jury Gualandris and Cassandra Caslini
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How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability

People determine the success of a company’s sustainability initiatives. Seven strategies can motivate everyone from employees to communities.

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Opportunities and Announcements

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Reuters Events will host three co-located events aligning business and finance with climate, in New York City this October. The NBS community can access a $200 discount on the Sustainability Reporting conference! Learn more about the events here or check each out below.
Economist Impact is hosting its 3rd Annual Sustainability Week to prepare for COP28, with in-person and virtual options. The NBS community can access a 15% off discount on the conference!

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